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H-E-B Pharmacy is free iOS app published by H.E. Butt Grocery Company

The Pharmacy app has bugs in it


Repeatedly have to refill the same Rx. Shows it was sent and gave me a pick up time but when I go back in a few hours later, it shows still available for refill and none are pending.



So accurate and reliable

Super easy


Would be great if we could pay via the app too!



this feels really old school if you couldn’t point-and-click the existing gui, i’d say this was operating on DOS. when the medical documentation program MediTech moved from a text only to a picture point-and-click format it maintained the stodgy movement that I see here. I have the same problem with the supposedly new MyHEB App.I suspect that all of the programers are old school & it shows l. things I’d like to see fixed besides the underlying structure will include The ability to Bluetooth a med list without all the pronunciations and links and details but just something that medical personnel will understand whenever you have to go to a new doctor or the emergency room.It should only include the name of the medicine, how much of it you take, how many of them you take, & how frequently you take them. When the medication is prescribed by a fill-in doctor an urgent care doctor and emergency room doctor or any physician you do not routinely see, if you need refills there should be a box to check to ask them to check with your primary physician. there should be some kind of warning when the medicine you’re about to fill or refill is a duplicate or very similar to medication you already take. there are hundreds (or more ) of blood pressure control medications. although many patients are on combinations of medications for hypertension they may be taking more than they should Just because routine refill is checked doesn’t mean that everyone should just dispense everything that’s available The pharmacist needs to evaluate or inquire as necessary to determine if new medication is in addition or replaces a previous medication.

Nice people

cactus juice22

Always pleasant to talk to. Great service! Always looking to help with Presciptions

HEB comes thru

Khun Kajonsak

About an easy an App as they get. Updated and easy to get refills

Server error


Can’t register Every time I try to get past screen with text message code verification, it times out with server error

Difficult app


Went to the pharmacy to get help with the app and, no one knows how to address the issue of managing other profiles when you have a problem. I added my mom and now I can’t do anything on her name. Make it easier.



Is not doing good this the 3rd time I send the refills and it says is available for refill . And it supposed to say ready for pick up now I got to go to the store .