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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Awesome. (What is with the hate?)


To be absolutely honest, I don’t like some of the changes, but honestly. It’s the same old awesome game with some appearance changes and some added features. Maybe the layout thing is confusing, yeah, but seriously, it’s pretty easy. And to whoever thinks that unlocking the game modes is horrible, you get them like almost right away. Smh. To those people who don’t mind minor changes and a teensy bit of waiting, download it. It’s fruit ninja. It’s awesome. No, seriously why are you reading this, it’s so freaking awesome, go download it. Thank you.

Haters, chill out.


Yeah, the game isn’t the same as when I downloaded it a few years ago, I’ll admit, but all you people talking about how sucky or laggy this game is, take a chill pill and address the situation in a mature manor. There is no point in cursing the developers for their hard work. I personally really like fruit ninja, but I’ve had some lags myself. Please fix the lags 😊 I appreciate it! 🙏🏻

So many ads. =(

Tommy Collison

So frustrating.

Star fruit


Is there a way to get back to the version of not having to use star fruits to different blades? I don’t like this version

Ads ads ads ads ads ads


Waaaay too many video ads

Loved it...until


They removed the daily log in bonus...WHAT.THE.HELL?

Liked old layout better

Kyrgyz Bala

New layout is alright but I used to game a lot when the game first came out, so it’s only natural that I like the old layout more

Nice game, but...


Hey, I used to play this game a couple years ago, that was my fav. Well, anyways, nice game, but the reason why I deleted it a last year is because I got on one day, and I had nothing! I lost all my progress. Probably a glitch. Other than that, good game!

Too much crap!


Too much crap pops up. I just want to play the game, not constantly deny in-app purchases. It also stinks that you have to pay for a slower speed.