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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.



Number change every time I log in! Most of the info is not matching with a reality.

doesn’t even open

RETro CHicK = {Rebekah}

i have the newest iphone. tried out this app on a whim , after i allowed it access to photos , instagram , etc. it won’t open again. kinda super sketchy.

Very glitchy- fake reviews!


It’s a wonderful concept. If it worked correctly. 🥴 I feel as though 98% of the 5 star reviews are fake. There’s no way this gets 5 stars. It loads different info every time I open it within 30 seconds I’ve gone from losing zero followers to losing 500+ but guess what? I didn’t even lose those followers. Junk!!



Don't download it!!



bc of this app i cant see any of my followers or who im following or anyone else also

Do not download


Downloaded and worked fine for a few hours. Then kept saying you’re popular unable to load check back in 10 minutes. Then I stopped being able to see my followers and who I am following on the Instagram app. Just kept saying unable to load. Deleted this app tried to delete and reinstall Instagram. Still can’t see my followers or who I am following

Do not download


This is a scam. I tried this app out for myself and the second I put in my info, I loaded instragram up and said “Unknown login, confirm if this was you.” This app is made to take people’s Instagram accounts. Whatever you do do not give it your info.

I am sorry but don’t purchase this app


Hey, this is my experience with the app. I am sure people have had plenty of different experiences with this app but I have had an odd one. Just a few hours ago around 3am I downloaded the app and I forgot my password so I tried to log into my account. Unfortunately but thankfully it didn’t work. I was like okay, I’ll do it tomorrow then. Fast forward to right now. I open my main instagram account and they logged me out, and there was this thing that popped up and said “ suspicious log in attempt.” I was like, “ oh it probably was me!” But no... as I look closer at it. I see suspicious log in at 4:08am just after I fell asleep and it was an Android user. I asked my closest friends if they knew anything but none of them did. Then I remembered this was the last app I opened before I went to sleep which was around 3:30am... again, we all have different experiences with the app. This app was just not for me.



It takes ur instagram acc out away it’s gonna day u put the wrong password someone try to log into mine I changed the pass Also These Review are fake ahhhhh

Do not download


DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It will hack you.

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