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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

What happened?


This app won’t let me cancel my subscription! I already tried everything app support showed me and nothing. It’s also like they want to charge me.



I get the app to see who is stalking me and it basically tells me everything other than who is stalking me. In order to know who is stalking you, you have to get premium.

Worst app ever


Lol my password got changed when i put my email and password in 😂😂 i got it back so go die worst app please just kill your self scamming scum

Great app if you have time

Mona Leighton

Definitely works to get likes if you have some time to like other people's pictures

Good tracker

Harry Londonf

I like this app for keep track of who is following and unfollowing my IG account. Seems to work pretty consistently.

Pay or follow

Walter Lew

Pay to get followers for instagram or follow to get coins.



this is obviously a total scam

My Review

70Victor James

Likes looks tottaly real! Makes me feel like4like an instagram model. I haven't bought so far any followers pro yet...

I love this app

Antonia Rossetti

hasn’t failed me yet. I use this app for professional purposes and I‎t has helped my followers to grow I We the past year. Thank you for such an amazing app!!!

I like this app a lot

Vito Morrison

I think this app is great! Whoever needs more followers must get this app! It seems to be working so far and it's easy to use. I haven't bought any instagram followers booster free yet but according to the other reviewers they don't last.