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Stalker Spy is a tool for Instagram power users. By analyzing your feed, it calculates interesting stats about your followers and stalkers. You can find your most active likers and commenters, as well as identify the stalkers that comment and like your photos, but don't follow you. Stalker Spy allows you to quickly refresh the list of the accounts in various categories and gives you option to preview their profiles and feeds.
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Entertainment Free Fraoula d.o.o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- show most active followers by likes, comments or both
- show top stalkers
- display like and comment counts
- quickly open user profiles for more information

Disclaimer: Stalker Spy only provides information about your followers, and non-followers that comment or like your media. Visitors that don't perform any actions cannot be tracked by Stalker Spy.


Good app
War Argueta

πŸ‘πŸ» good app

No complaints

Tried looking for other apps but this one was the one that was more satiating and easy to use.


One of the best apps ive ever used


I love the app. It’s really useful with your followers and followings

The apps great

All parts of the app is working great!!

I love
stefani L

This app is so cool

rose gold michi

It’s amazing I get to see everything I have always wondered that happens on my Instagram 😱


Interesting concept, clunky aesthetic.

Good app

This is an easy app to use and is pretty accurate. I recommend it!

Best app

Best way to find out if your friends unfollowed you