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Stalker Spy is a tool for Instagram power users. By analyzing your feed, it calculates interesting stats about your followers and stalkers. You can find your most active likers and commenters, as well as identify the stalkers that comment and like your photos, but don't follow you. Stalker Spy allows you to quickly refresh the list of the accounts in various categories and gives you option to preview their profiles and feeds.
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Entertainment Free Fraoula d.o.o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- show most active followers by likes, comments or both
- show top stalkers
- display like and comment counts
- quickly open user profiles for more information

Disclaimer: Stalker Spy only provides information about your followers, and non-followers that comment or like your media. Visitors that don't perform any actions cannot be tracked by Stalker Spy.


It steals money
Baby Girlβ€οΈπŸ’˜

It’s okay to use, and the app work fines but it continued to charge me after I deleted it, I kept getting emails saying it was taking 3 dollars out of my account every week.


One of the “admirers” on my page was of a person who legit passed away a couple of months back. How is that possible? It’s a randomly generated group of “stalkers” and “admirers.” Do not pay for this app. And all of the reviews on this page are fake. They mimic a pattern.


I downloaded it about 4 months back. And it’s still charging my card. I never signed up for premium and it is taking my money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!


Paid to see stalkers and dont work . It will show people that wasnt even following me anymore . What a waste of money

Not trustworthy
Do not buy ever!!!!!!!!!

It said I had 75 posts when I have 85, and the “stalkers” were people who don’t even follow me


It just shows random people


Afther than i pay a week it does not work right

Pretty Good

It’s a good app, I must say. But very confused on how to get followers and likes? There is no option for them, did the creators remove this feature. I was very excited to use this app, based on the amazing reviews, and it does live up to its hype.. except for the followers and likes.. Overall, this app is very good, and I would definitely recommend it!

Not impressed

It doesn’t do what I thought it did. Not very impressed with app. It doesn’t show you who has been on your page which was the only reason I purchased it. It does however track your followers and who unfollows you ect.. just not what I wanted out of it.

Doesn’t work

It shows only the amount of followers and following and nothing else.