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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Don’t do it it doesn’t work


I just send an email to cancel this This doesnt work at all All of this is fraud Nothing is accurate



I’ve paid for this app and only got to access basic features once. Have been having issues since. It won’t update or load. It just stays in refresh mode. Can someone help me?



it’s not helpful at all don’t download it

this is a scam


i downloaded the app because i saw all the positive reviews and didn’t think anything of it it asked for your username and password that’s were you need to stop don’t and I repeat type in your information it will get into your email and try to hack your account it did with mine but lucky i got my account back ‼️THIS IS A SCAM ‼️

They changed my password


Can’t login just as I started using this app don’t get



This app is useless. It makes up nearly everything except the OBVIOUS. The app would say people were “stalking” me lol but there were people on the list who I had blocked for YEARS!! Lol which is weird how would they show up on my stalkers list if they couldn’t see my profile at all? So basically this thing is a rip off. Don’t waste your money.

Won’t let me get free trial


I literally am trying to give you guys my money for the stupid trial... but there is no where for my card number. If you want us to pay for your app, make it possible



It started posting for me random fake post don’t download this app

Spyware - do not download

Ez az

Apple should ban this app


ricky booty

This app is very useful it helps me see who I’m following but there not following me

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