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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Scam!! You’re account will be hacked


Don’t give them your info!

worst app ever


didn’t have anymore use for the app so i deleted it but the app is still taking money out my my card while not even downloaded . basically draining my account every new card i get ! terrible app !



Deleted the app and still charging card I just want to stop but how

كلب جزمه


كس امه اخذ فلوسي بدون مايطلب مني انتبهو لحد يحمله يسرق فلوسكم اذا عندكم فلوس ايتونز ترا بياخذها القواد

I got havked


So i get cautious about apps like this because your giving them access to basically your whole instagram account. Well i got hacked. Im in Nevada visiting and I downloaded this app so i can unfollow people who don't follow me back, a few hours later i get an email saying there was a login from Sacramento CA... now that obviously wasn't me and thanks to this app i no longer trust any app like this.

Upset. And I want my money back.


I downloaded this app MONTHS ago. And I agreed to the 3 day free trial. However after that trail I deleted the app, satisfied. Come to find out they have been charging me since April! $2.99 a week! Without my consent. It was labeled as an automatic charge when there was no notification of any sort that they would start charging me. Terrible

Don’t spend money in this app


The app is broken and it doesn’t work at all. You can contact support and they don’t really fix anything. I bought it 3 weeks ago and doesn’t work.

It’s great but needs change.


I would like to be able to see who has blocked my account. Please add this feature.

Not worth the Money


The stalking feature of this app doesn’t seem like it actually is working , I had my sister look at my profile over and over again to see if it worked and her name didn’t pop up once , not worth the money.



It’s all fake. Fake reviews, fake information, and it’s a quick money grab.