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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Unfollow tool


Hi, this is the best app, I have tried, but the unfollow tool stop working, can you fix it?



It does not tell you who actually viewed your profile! It just shows you random names. I had 5 friends go to my profile and even liked my pictures but they don’t show on my “stalkers” . Once I even got an account in my stalkers that I created 3 years ago and haven’t used it in 2 years. I am the only one with this old account password and it’s showing in my stalkers now but not the people that actually entered my profile and liked my pictures! ITS SCAM! DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS!

Bad app


HORRIBLE APP. It’s always glitches and says I have zero followers but am following 900 even though that’s not true at all. Nobody get it it’s really not worth it. Plus many ads.

Dont pay for this stupid app *Creators! Listen to this review*


This app does literally exactly what it says it does. For 1.99. Its not a big deal though, 1.99 is not alot of money, right? Wrong, i payed the 1.99 and the app made me pay for a whole year even though i picked the one for 1.99. Dont pay for this app. It scammed me for my money and i want a refund, because I payed 25 dollars to use this once, even though i clicked the 1.99 and i used this app one time. I want a refund, not a full one, i just want my 23 dollars back because i chose the 1.99 optionπŸ™„


lindsey hamady

It hacked my account and i had to change my password before they could do anything.

i’m scared someone please help


i downloaded this app and entered in my username and password and then it said to go to the instagram app to verify that it’s you, so i did. but when i opened it, it said an android was trying to get in but i have an iphone. it was the exact same time as i did it but i’m still scared to accept it because i’m not sure. can someone tell me please i’m scared

Seriously attention!

nickname 1256

Don’t get this app literally they do something to your following. I try to go to my original instagram account and now it doesn’t let me see who I follow. Don’t get this app trust me 😠

Something isn’t right with this app


After I downloaded this app, my Instagram has been wacky. I can’t like people’s pictures, and I can’t comment on people’s pictures. It only started happening after I downloaded this, and even when I deleted it, my instagram is still doing it.

App steals your money!!

Ashley<3's Mia

Can I have my money back!! I chose an option that was only like $2 and u charged me $25!! How is that even ok!? Scammer!!! Please refund my money!

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