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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Same piece of garbage


Stop forcing "improvements" and fix what's already broken. Now, this app is crashing upon open.

Quality gone.


-Most videos won't open. If if does open, then it won't stop playing when you exit the frame. -Uses too much storage on the phone. -Messenger is slower than molasses.

Hate it


I dont have the more videos suggestion and picture in picture option.

Awesome app


It's a really awesome app keep up the good work I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT

My Facebook live always stop at a certain amount of time


My Facebook live always stops at a certain amount of time . Like the timer stop counting and everything stops but I still think I'm on live ? I'm disappointed

Can't write a new post


The new update won't let me "write a new post" when I share videos or pictures. And when I try to go to my timeline to edit the post, it just stays loading forever! Can this get fixed please?!



This app keeps getting worse. What happened to Newsfeed preferences? Are you censoring that along with conservative views?

App won't work at all with new update?

Iowa Eve

Says no network connection


Ya Girll?

I was in love with the app, and now I can't even open it without it crashing! Deleting now!

Needs improvements.

Logic Tec

I'm experiencing many problems with the Facebook app. I'm unable to tag friends in certain video and photos. The news feed gets updated randomly. It's annoying scrolling back to find where you were reading. It's taking a lot of space in my phone. I'm still waiting for the dislike button.