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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Please fix the replies.

Khalid Kebrit

Why the hell did you change the way we used to reply? It was perfect the way it was. Now with the new update, clicking on "more replies" won't take you to the original comment and show you all the replies, it stays on the regular comments section and messes up everything. Please bring back the old reply system, thanks.

Overrun by ads - need default 'most recent' option


Every time I click on a link, the page gets hijacked by app ads and offers for new iPhones. It's not the site, because I can go google the article outside of Facebook and not have any issues. It's really gotten ridiculous. Previous review below still hasn't been addressed. So many ads lately! It's getting crazy. Also - there is no way to change your default news feed to Most Recent. That NEEDS to be an option. I should be able to see more than what Facebook deems to be popular/what they've been paid to show me. About ready to uninstall the app, which means I'll use Facebook a lot less.



Whenever I try to post a status or picture it automatically says I cannot. Please fix Facebook.

Don't close the app or lock your iPhone


If I'm reading the article and I close the app or lock my phone. Facebook opens at the top of my newsfeed and I've lost what I was trying to read.

It's OK.


Most of the time, it locks up whenever I access the Ultimate Guitar page. Also, it used to show replies I get from comments I post on threads, and strangely such thing no longer occurs after a certain update. The in-app web browser is just a worse Safari that refuses to properly load a page if it has too many videos in it, and so it forces itself to reload just to not do a better job the second time, creating a loop.

Bad update


I do not like the format for sale posts. You can't add photo comments anymore and you can't turn off notifications anymore. Please change it back. It's frustrating and I have no desire using the app any longer.

Notification bug

xx A girl xx

Notifications for this app won't delete from top bar



Crashes at least 5 times a day for a multitude of reasons. I now just use the web. One would think someone worth a billion $ could make a better app. FB is a haven for idiot liberals and BIASED FB employees.

Loading issues


Love the app but After I got the latest update my Facebook will no longer load. At all... Fix please

Needs fixing

Morgan Man

Can't check in anywhere and just says oops something went wrong. "Reported" it multiple times but doesn't seem to matter, app is worthless.