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Continuos crashing when I try to open a link. My friends won't use messenger so now I can't chat with them on FB. Please put chat back in! Crashing when I click on friends lists What happened? The update today will not load. I tried deleting and rebooting my phone and downloading from the App Store. Where are you Facebook "fixers"? Better than the previous but I still just want the friends lists to be back on the side. instead of at the top-- separate from news feed. I would also be able to use custom share on the iPhone so I can choose multiple friends lists to share with instead of just one. I hate the iphone app. Please make it easier to navigate news feed and friends' lists! My time on FB has decreased significantly. If it isn't improved, I've even thought about taking many friends out of lists. I do not like how the news feed has to be scrolled down every time and then scrolled back up to change my friends list. My friends lists have been rearranged so I can't find them anymore. I had everything organized and now it's chaos.
Review by Trwb on Facebook.

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