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Code Editor by Panic is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Unable to refund

A typing monkey

I purchased this in order to help learn Swift by practicing and running simple bits of code as I learn. It turns out you aren’t able to run code. After contacting the developer they said it was on a list of requested features, but that it was unlikely to make it into the app. I then tried to request a refund (within a few hours of purchase) and for some reason this app is not refundable. I am sure the app is fantastic for most peoples’ needs, but I feel obligated to rate based on my own situation to possibly help others if they are in similar situation as me.

Unfair Policy

Romanian g

The policy that is for fourteen days, does not cover this app. I promise on everything that I did not mean to purchase this application but the fact is the store will not give me the refund. I bought it less than ten minutes ago thinking I was buying an IDE but of course this is not that. I tried to fix my egregious error but to no avail.

Exceptional Editor! However:

Francesco Hayes

I love this editor! It is one of the best on the market for IOS devices and currently is my go to recommendation for my team and friends. However, it'd be great to see some future additions to this application in order to make it perfect: - GIT Support - Auto-Complete for Syntax - Tab-Space Sizing and Correction - Two Windows of Code - Connected file management with the iPad **Above & Beyond** It'd be incredible to connect with other users of the app and - work on the same code via the application. There are also just little tedious things that make it hard navigating the app due to it being touch screen based; however, I think "Pythonista 3" does an exceptional job and should be looked at for inspiration on future UI design for Coda. Other than those requests Coda is on its way to leading and destroying! Keep up the good work and feature rich application. I love you guys :)

The best deserves better though


I’ve used this to build a few smaller projects. It works as a convenient editor. Great offline support, great language support. Convenient local server feature But the files are inaccessible from outside coda. So I cannot use it alongside working copy for git like I would hope. Apart from that there are small unpolished things that are missing like no ability to collapse blocks of code, clunky file system or obvious iPhone-first design that prevent me from being able to use this for bigger projects

The best editor I have ever used on iOS.


It is pretty good, but it could be better if it can support C++. Yes I can use Syntax Mode C, but I have to manually set it every time, and there is some different between C and C++.

Not for serious coders


Horrible waste of money. Textastic is way better and under 10.00. This is a rip off for a horrible unorganized program. Gladly waiting for my Refund from Apple. If you code seriously look elsewhere.

Really Good App


Actually really good. I didn’t think it would make sense having such an app on a iPhone or iPad, but it’s developed really nicely.

Obsolete until it gets updated

Don Swet

Look, it was an outstanding app three years ago. Since then, the devs have failed to add simple support for the basics: Coda can’t access the Files app. The FILES app! How in the world am I supposed to open anything? We are approaching the end of the second year they’ve had access to the resources necessary to add this in. Really shameful maintenance effort. I’m sorry for their bottom line that their priorities aren’t straight.

The best editor in iOS, still limited by the system.


Coda is by far the best code editor and file manager on iOS. Syncing sites and publishing files is so handy to have on my iPhone and iPad. But it can only do so much because the limitations of the system. File management is still so limited in Coda because of Apple’s insistence on limiting iOS’s file-management capabilities. I hope Apple continues to expand on the capabilities of iOS

Crash-happy Trash


This app cost what, $25 typically? It’s great except for the review begging. One star - you literally asked for it. Edit mid-January: Can I downgrade this to 0 stars, for having become a crash-happy piece of trash at least for SSH sessions? I’ll be sitting there waiting for a process to return, and curiously try to type or tap, and boom, back to the “desktop”. I run everything in a screen session now, because... Well... Crash-happy trash. I regret paying $25, $15, $5. I’ll surely be replacing this with a $0.99 app soon.

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