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Code Editor by Panic is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

love it


it is very power!useful!

Panic is awesome


I love Panic, Inc software. I like being able to issue commands to my server from the comfort of my phone and to write or debug a few lines of code on the bus or at break. My only complaint is that they’re Apple only! We need Transmit Windows and Linux as well as Coda Android!

So easy it’s faster than desktop for simple edits


It just occurred to me I had to add my 5-star review when I was sitting with my MBP open right in front of me, realized I needed to make a change in my site, and stood up and got my phone instead. :) This app is so easy I don’t even want to touch my desktop client for simple edits, because the app is faster.

Love the app!


I use this app on my iPhone and my iPad as well as the desktop version on my Mac! I would like to see some MySQL support make it to mobile!

Looks great... needs Files support


I’m not a heavy professional web developer... so I don’t really take advantage of all the features. I can say the app looks great and works great. It does what you would expect in a web IDE. I especially like the quick preview button. My one complaint... is the lack of support for the iOS Files app. My web project was actually stored on my Google Drive and I had to copy each individual file one by one to the app. That was a bit annoying... Of course, the developer has already said that they are working on this feature... I just can’t wait to see it implemented. =)

Local, organic, working software!


As a developer, this is exactly how I would’ve built the app if I had the time for it; happy there is a great company and team of developers at Panic who did it instead -leaves me more time to focus on my own apps.

Need tutorial videos


Hi I’m new to coding on iOS and I used to use sublime on my Mac. I bought this app based on other users ratings. I found your tutorials/reference material on your website for the iOS app, but I am still having trouble understanding it. I saw you guys have a YouTube channel. Could you maybe put tutorials up on it for people picking up this app for the very first time?


jo jo devil

Really just need to add more integrated support with icloud. Ideally I should be able to open a folder in icloud have it import the ENTIRE folder (with all files etc - maybe import on use to save space) then edit and save back up to icloud. Also ability to use git to save down and up (commit) would be awesome. Otherwise very solid and worth the $25 (although for an app I was kinda shocked).

Files support


Need files app support. Too slow to adopt new tech. Updates too minimal. Files was an iOS 11 feature. Already late on XS Max support.

Good app

Cat N .

Works great thanks

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