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Code Editor by Panic is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.



As a first time Coda user, I found the learning curve to be a little steep. But after a couple hours of messing with it to figure everything out, I'm absolutely in love. Coda accomplishes everything I ask of it and more. Worth way, way beyond the $9.99 that they're asking for. Thank you, Panic!



No Dropbox support!

Crashes all the time

Peter Done

I purchased this application because I was looking for a piece of competent software to handle my programming needs. This app has been neither competent nor functional. It has been plagued with frequent crashing and problems. I haven't been able to use it at all. I even reached out to panic 2 weeks before I wrote this review and was promptly ignored. Don't make the same mistake I did.

I make sites with Coda

Michael Critz

I wrote in Coda

Freezes & Crashes


Fantastic app, however, I can't rate well when it freezes on 50% of the new lines that I create (return button). It'll just freeze and become unresponsive, leaving me to force quit the app (losing progress) and trying again. The other 50% of the time, after a few minutes of using, it will just crash and quite, losing all progress.

Add sorting / filters >:|

Pixel Karma

App looks great. Works great. Totally unusable if you have a lot of sites. I have about 500! THERE IS NO WAY TO SORT SITES OR SEARCH YOUR LIST. EVERYTHING IS IN RANDOM ORDER. Imagine having to slowly scroll just to find a clients site. Embarrassing... I asked them if they were going to add it and I was told not any time soon. FAIL.

Good editor still has bugs


Overall this is a pretty good on the go editor to stay productive on your project or your customers project. Bugs: Some of the crashing has been fixed which was the biggest pain. Syntax highlighting will break periodically requiring you to close the page and re open it to fix the highlighting. This happens when editing any language in the program that I've seen. I would still recommend this, as I use this on my laptop as well and it's well worth it buying every time. Bugs are going to happen.

The absolute best!

Vidya Gaem

Coda has been the best $10 investment I've ever made for work. Being able to debug server issues, check error logs, patch code -- anything -- all on my phone or iPad has made my job so much easier. No more breaking out my laptop. Any time something needs to be done, I can do it instantly from the app. My only complaint is that occasionally, the terminal text doesn't line up with either the keyboard (the cursor gets hidden), or the text seems pushed to the left, cutting off a portion of the text. I would also *love* to see more Playgrounds introduced (specifically for Python and SQL). All in all, a must have for a busy server admin or web developer!

Superb tool - powerful and gorgeous

Mike Bradshaw (bmike)

This tool let's my iPhone and iPad level up and in many cases do what I normally needed my mac to do. Very powerful, very well-designed, professional software tools well worth the price. With update after update, it keeps getting better.

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