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Code Editor by Panic is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Best coding app ever


I really like this app and it really helps when I need to edit my website on the go. Really helpful!! But lack of a feature that is you can’t move files to Coda document folder on Files app where I sometimes upload my codes I’m working. I can copy files from iCloud storage but only one file at a time and it won’t work this way I’m afraid. Could you please make it support Files?

SYNC feature never works right


Always gives errors, deletes info, completely screwed up and unuasable.

Comprehensive; no go for iOS 9


Update: Developer responded and confirmed that my problems are caused by iOS 9, which I am staying on, for now. It's bloody brilliant, when it works. I also have an android tablet with similar apps, and it is nowhere near as smooth an experience without 3D touch and coda. The interface for browsing sites/files is quite the subjective experience. It took me some time to like it, and I still find my hands moving faster than my brain while navigating it. Overall, it's solid. I don't love it, but it feels complete. Some of the things I really love about the editor itself are: Visible characters for spaces and line breaks The copy/paste menu includes indent and dedent, among other things A key to quickly comment out an entire line or section. This is a big one, compared to the other apps I have used.

One fatal flaw


Coda is a “portable text editor”, so why is the default action to view the file’s information, and not - as it should be - go right into edit mode? Maybe I’m missing a configuration setting, but having to tap on a file and then tap on edit is incredibly annoying; so much so that I’ve abandoned this app. It should be the other way ‘round: tap on a file to edit, and then on an icon (or whatever) to view the file info. Until this is fixed, I’ll edit elsewhere.

A must have for any kind of developer


I’ve been using this app for years and it is the Swiss Army knife in my Developer toolkit

Works great


I use it to connect to my server for machine learning. I use key, based auth and it wasn’t a problem to get it working.



LOVE this app! It makes working on light HTML from my iPad / iPhone not just a possibility, but actually easy! I think the only things missing in my mind are the ability to download / upload multiple files from the files app at once, and the ability to directly edit files from Dropbox without downloading / reuploading. If those two changes were implemented it would absolutely be a 5/5 for me.




Very Powerful Developer Tool


Coda is insanely powerful and robust with features. I use it all the time on my iPad Pro for remote emergency work. Only things I wish were different was if there was a local files/playground available without having to FTP or SSH into a box. Local files are inaccessible to me without accessing a remote box. I’d like to play/test code offline or without having to access a box. Side note, when testing JS, you need to wrap everything in a script tag before it propagates. Understandable, but an annoying extra step in JS files.

Best, most pleasant, comfortable environment for managing/coding websites


I would LOVE for Files app integration and drag & drop. It’s a shame I can’t edit files that aren’t a part of a “website” in this, the BEST environment for writing code on iPad.

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