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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Works like a charm


This is by far the best ftp client that I have ever used. It does so much & it's easy, breezy. Absolutely does what I need it to do

Great app for coding, bugs with terminal


Only speaking of the terminal, the screen is often off by 50 pixels right after log in, shifted left. This happens about 50% of the time. Restarting the terminal and logging in again usually works. Switching back from another app, even backgrounded for a second causes key input to fail. These issues aren't huge if you're using screen or tmux but pretty annoying.

Needs better UI


This app is great for doing code. Maybe the best I have seen for a phone. But the one drawback is the layout. It's confusing and everywhere. It just seems like your folders and files are jumbled in all this difficult to navigate user interface. Coda needs to look at the Readdle Documents app and make something like that. At least that app feels like a desktop filing system.

Clunky file management


First, I have to jump through hoops just to get my files into Coda. If you allow importing from iCloud Drive, why not allow downloading an entire folder? And why no Dropbox support?? I do most of my development locally, well before it ever makes it to a server. There needs to be better ways to get entire folders into Coda. My next thought was to try to get files into Panic Sync, but that's a joke since there doesn't appear to be any way to easily do that. Perhaps you can with the desktop version (But I'm definitely not dropping any money on that... I'll stick with TextWrangler). Another reviewer mentioned following Readdle's Documents app for direction on how a good file manager should function. Folder syncing would also help. ZIP files aren't readable all the time, and file permissions errors plague the app. I have yet to be able to expand an archive created on either the Mac or in Readdle Documents. Basically, I haven't even really been able to dig in to the app's coding features or even test a workflow because of all of the issues I've had with getting files into the app. For $25, Coda for iOS needs a ton of infrastructure work, and I'm thoroughly disappointed.



I hope it will have a function or api can import codes from github.

Still Crazy (good) After All These Years


If you are a web developer wondering if you can do your job on the iPad while on the road, the answer yes and Coda is the way. This is an amazing app and nearly as good as it's Mac counterpart. Syntax Highlighting is solid and reliable (in earlier versions this was an issue). Coda is the only text editor with a good workflow for editing web pages on remote servers and it's SFTP support is phenomenal. I also love the fact that I can support projects complete with multiple files open and terminal and SFTP configuration. Coda supports synchronization with the Mac version of the app and overall it works well with a few minor glitches around key management. There are a few frustrations, mostly involving synchronizing with the Mac version. Occasionally it doesn't notice a file on the server has been updated and I'll end up over-writing changes. Also, as I mentioned above, the Mac doesn't seem to fully support the private keys you add to projects here. I'd also love to see the ability to create a default ssh identity for use across all projects, so I wouldn't have to link to the key in every single project. (Similar to the way you can have a single identity in your .ssh folder on the desktop) Coda is still far above the competition, it's a full on web developer toolkit! Update: Love this app so much I make a point of re-upping my review every version!!

Terrible terminal emulator.


UI is so fraught with bugs it is unusable after a few lines of input. These bugs have been here unfixed for at least the better part of a year, despite many updates.

Needs a built in color picker.


I don't know why but I thought it had a built in color picker when I purchased it. I guess it's because the Mac version does have it and I was presumptuous. This app is wonderful. I love it. But please add that one simple thing to your code editor. It will be so great to cut out some color-picker middleman apps when I'm on the go and be able to do that all in app super fast. Once that's added you guys shall have reached 5 star status for sure.

Almost To Perfect

Chris Stayte

Exactly what I needed as a web developer. I do wish I could choose themes of the text editor. :)

Picks up where others leave off (updated2)


This app proves that you can manage and edit sites on the go. Panic's Prompt 2 is a top notch SSH client and terminal emulator. Coda needs a little more baking still, but I'll keep using it because I think that the team is responsive and is trying to improve the app. It has an elegant look, and once you get the UI down, you see how powerful it is. This app will sit on top of Editorial when I need to spend more time editing HTML than just the basics. Read the start guide though first. Remember to create a local root folder for each site so that your files stay organized. Note: from Editorial (which supports Dropbox) you can copy a file over to Coda :)