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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Experiencing crashes on cpp code


Whenever I try to open a cpp code the app shows it for 2 seconds then halts (maybe highlighting syntax?), after some time halted it finally crashes back to springboard. Now it crashes whenever I open any code, problem persists even if I reinstall the app clean and turn off panic sync. Update: Please check the spambox since I already emailed the developer twice about this without any answer

Great but not on iOS 9


Update: Developer responded and confirmed that my problems are caused by iOS 9, which I am staying on, for now. It's bloody brilliant, when it works. I also have an android tablet with similar apps, and it is nowhere near as smooth an experience without 3D touch and coda. The interface for browsing sites/files and isn't great, but it's more than usable, once you get used to it.

Love this app

I love this app. There’s nothing else like it on iOS. (I updated my review. I’ve used Coda for years and this was the only time I ever had a problem.)

Waste of $


Wish I bought another app rather than waste $ on this

Like it..!


I really like the app but i think it’s overpriced. 1- It took me around half hours to find out how documents work. (And still being not easy go thru directory and files.) 2- I can’t customize the editor ..! (I don’t like the only 4 themes that the app has) I know it’s not ease make apps but “come on” developers it’s $25 💵



I am making the transition from desk top computer to iOS for coding and design - thank you Panic for helping make this happen and curbing my stress and hair loss. I own multiple Panic products, all are excellent in letting you spend more time being creative.



Prompting for review right after installing it? Uh Edit: saw that this wasn’t their fault

Incredibly useful

Danny McVey

I ssh into my account with this app. It's got everything I need including a key generator. Very handy for learning/testing on the go.


David Steven K

Do you love your tools? Because if you get Coda, you will love your tools. I juuuust wish there was better support for all file types. You can't even open .playgroundbook for instance.


Lefty Hokum

There is a screen shot of all these apps you are supposed to get when you purchase this but you just get Coda. I was under the impression that you got them all because they show a picture in the screenshots. I thought you open the app and then get to pick which one you wanted to continue on with. If they are not included do not show it as the first screen shot with no explanation saying you only get Coda for this price. Don't do the ol bait sand switch which is partly Apples fault for allowing it. This now seems expensive because all you get is the text editor Coda. Most editors are no more than 5 bucks or even free on the store. I'll go back to Textastic.