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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Amazing editor, no git support in 2017


Panic makes amazing software and I truly love their attention to detail, I’d love to use Coda all the time but without git support it only fits into an FTP workflow. Really looking forward to that git support! ๐Ÿค™

Great App... But Nagware?


I love this app. But for $25 (I mean, really, TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!?!?) I expect the developer to enjoy my money, confident in the fact that I like the product enough to pay $25 for it... instead of popping up a "Please Rate Us" window Every. Single. Time. I open the app. Therefore, 1 star. Great app, but extremely disrespectful of paying customers. Edit to add... I did submit an email to the developer as requested. After two weeks, I have not gotten a response. And now Coda is harassing me to review it again. Every single time. So I will reiterate my one star review. And the suggested setting to turn off in-app ratings isn't on my device because I haven't upgraded to iOS 11 yet. This is a premium app at a premium price. I expect better. If it were $0.99 I would be more forgiving. Edit 12/3 in response to developer... iOS 10.3 introduced the developer API to allow in-app ratings. But the user shut off setting was not introduced until iOS 11. That said, the new API is supposed to limit review requests to 3 per year or 1 per year if a review is left. So either Panic has implemented this API improperly or Apple has a bug in its API. I guess I'll upgrade to iOS 11 soon enough. I'm just waiting for a release of it that isn't completely filled with bugs. Seven bug fix releases for iOS 11 in less than 3 months isn't inspiring confidence for me.

The Best



I do everything with iOS Coda


Best app for any web development, code editing or FTP, hands down. I have Coda for both desktop and iPad and have nothing but praises. I could not even think of anywhere it needs to improve (which I would critique here.) They thought of everything!

Great app for coding


Really do enjoy using Coda in my phone or iPad and new to make updates to some code when I’m on the go and not near my laptop. I gave it four stars because I use Git so much these days that it makes it hard to track changes in an FTP only coding app. Plus with that feature it would reduce the need to store the entire contents of a site I’m working on on my device which might be out of sync and allow me to pull all changes from a remote Git branch as needed. Hopefully this app will get that one feature added and then this will be a five star app.

love it


it is very power๏ผuseful๏ผ

One star for review begging.


This app cost what, $25 typically? It’s great except for the review begging. One star - you literally asked for it.

Waste of $


This app is overpriced text editor. Far from everything you need to code a website. No practical sftp . . . Not intuitive

Feature rich IDE


This tool reallly has it all. Code, FTP and SSH terminal all in one. FTP and SSH exist as seperate products as well. Little too much finger clicking to get around, but I still am impressed with the power of this tool. I do php development and this tool has all the features I'm looking for to go.

Constant crashing!!


App itself is amazing, but totally unusable in the current version! Repeated crashing on iPad Pro when adding more than one CSS attribute to a class.