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Coda is a new type of doc, with a new type of mobile experience. Watch how the docs you build on desktop transform into apps on your phone or tablet.
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Coda docs start simple like other docs — and grow and evolve into powerful tools. We’ve seen people build Coda docs that do everything from launch products, run companies, and remind you to water the plants.

What Coda docs are made of:
* A flexible writing surface
* Sections to build out different user flows.
* Tables that can talk to each other.
* Views, so everyone can see the data in their own preferred way.
* A powerful formula language to reference any object.
* Buttons and automations to take actions outside your doc.
* Packs to connect your doc to the apps you use every day like Slack, Google Calendar, and GitHub.

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More or less useless on an iPad. No landscape view. Navigation needs a lot to be desired.

Must have google account to use. Instant delete.

It would be nice to have a regular email login/pass to use this app. I deleted my google account 8 years ago and there’s no way I’m creating one just to try this app out.

Coda uses your personal data

Coda’s terms of service is horrible. It specifically calls out that Coda will use, sell, and otherwise make use of your “personal information” for their business purposes, including any personal information that they pull out of the content you upload. I had hoped to use Coda as a versatile database. But some of the information I’d include is confidential. So Coda is a non-starter.


Finally ... this app is amazing . Only thing I’d want is with IFTT

Will be useful one day

This will be a great organization & collaboration tool once the web interface works with Safari or Firefox — At the moment it only works with Chrome. Too bad!

Google signup ?? Instantly Deleted!

Coda is a very interesting and compelling app concept — so much that I immediately downloaded it. After installing it, I realized a Google account was required to use it — seriously?? Instant delete. It’s 2019. Everyone knows Google is a Faustian bargain. Any developer that forces Google on their customers is a developer that cannot be trusted. Too bad. Great concept + flawed ethics = product and company to avoid.

very suspicious about Google integration

Why does this app want my Google account?

Many features not available on iOS

This app is great, and the concept is amazing. However, it would be great if you could design and build docs within the app and not just be stuck with templates.

Bah bahahaha

Don’t bother with this app, so many better productivity options at this point.

Not there yet

Update: upon further investigation this app only works fully in the Chrome browser. Hopefully that will change in the future. I’ve updated my rating from 2 stars to 4. ———- There are a lot of good reviews here. I will offer a realistic one. This app simply does not work good. It is iPhone only - no iPad version. Additionally, there is no “+” button on the screen to add a table or any other elements, as the tutorials claim there to be. There is only a text format bar when you start typing. Can’t do much with that and basically makes this app useless. That “+” button simply isn’t there. Maybe that is a paid feature, but they’re website says everything is free. The website itself is also not easy to use on an iPad. Touching elements doesn’t always work and the site header disappears sometimes when I am typing. Rating this 2 stars because it looks nice, but shouldn’t even be that high. Even on the website there are screenshots of apps like the Project Tacker and there is no sidebar on the iPad like there is on the screenshots they show on the website.