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An incredible, powerful, and portable text editor that does a lot.
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Productivity $24.99 Panic, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• A stunningly full-featured text editor
• Works on both the iPhone or iPad
• Editor features Clips, Find & Replace (with placeholder!), Context Keys, Super Loupe, much more.
• Syntax highlighting for Apache, C, CSS, Diff, Go, Haml, HTML, INI, Java, JavaScript, LESS, Lua, Markdown, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Sass, Scheme, Shell, SQL, Swift, XML and YAML
• Local or Remote file management
• Remote protocols include FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, DreamObjects, and FTP (Plain, TLS, SSL) support
• Preview
• Air Preview for use with Coda for Mac
• Playgrounds
• SSH Terminal
• Much more!

Coda for iOS is a text editor, with syntax highlighting, clips, find replace, the works. But it also has a full file manager, allowing you to work with files locally or remotely. It has a cool keyboard with context keys and an amazing super loupe to set your cursor. It manages 'sites' so you can quickly get to work, and it'll even sync those sites. It'll preview your pages, of course. And we've also thrown in a full-featured SSH terminal. It's an incredible app.

SITES. The foundation of Coda iOS: create a site for each of your projects, local or remote, and quickly get to the files you need to edit. Better still, use our free Panic Sync service to sync these sites with Coda Mac and Transmit iOS, securely and quickly.

FILES. We've been building file managers for a really long time — we've got this. Local, remote, or any mix of the two. Edit, rename, duplicate, create folders, upload, download, you name it, you got it.

EDITING. Tap a file to land in our highly-optimized text editor, which syntax highlights your code with ease. Now, try this: move the insertion point. Whoa. That's the Super Loupe, magnifying magic we think is the best way to precisely set your cursor. And only Coda iOS has it.

CLIPS. Have a handful of code bits you re-use a lot? Tap the clips icon in Coda iOS, and load them in. Now you can insert them with a single tap.

FIND / REPLACE. Let’s say you accidentally inverted the values of your width and height tags. With our find and replace banner — and its breakthrough wildcard button — you can easily replace or swap or re-arrange your text.

TERMINAL. Really? Like, a full-featured SSH client built-in? Sure! Not only is it great value for your money, but it's also great help to getting your work done. Connect to your sites with a tap, and get the full-featured spot-on emulation of Prompt.

TABS. Quickly switch between your open documents. I know, it's obvious. But still.

CONTEXT KEYS. We've added a special section to your iOS keyboard that gives you the most useful, helpful special characters, automatically. It takes a lot of the pain out of writing code on a piece of glass.

AIR PREVIEW. A really special thing. Paired with Coda 2 for Mac, Coda iOS can act as a dedicated "preview screen", showing you a preview of what you're coding on the desktop — as you code. It's a great use for an iPad that's just sitting around, being lonely.

We've put a desktop-class amount of work into Coda iOS. It's truly a pro app. But, it's not hard to learn. And most amazingly, you're getting an incredible amount of power at a killer price. Buy it today!


It's worth paying a few dollars more
Kevin A (

The app is fast and easy to use. It has built-in FTP and SSH as well as a nice syntax highlighting and code formatter which was what I was looking for. Surprising to have found Coda after months of searching as an app like this one!

Great editor, awful file management

It edits files, that part is great, we are good there. Definitely the best text editor on iOS, hands down. Sadly for my purposes it falls very short. It advertises the ability to decompress zip files, one of the main ways I receive files, but this almost never works unless you are unzipping an archive you created in Coda itself. So I have to unzip using another app, and then copy the file to Coda, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the lack of Files support for newer versions of iOS. Coda is completely walled off from the shared files locations of other apps, so I have to copy in paste several times before I can finished editing a file, zipping it back up and sending it where it needs to go.

Remarkable. Fast. Simple.

After endless searches on the App Store for a mobile coding app that supports YAML and JSON formatting, I've found it. After a few uses, I've discovered the many features that this app provides, and let me say that there's absolutely no possible way to say how much I love this app. I've worked as an Minecraft server admin and developer for several years, and sadly the program I used before this got removed 😭...but hope wasn't lost, because Coda definitely brought my mobile capabilities back to life. Not only is it full of neat features like previews, permissions, full FTP support, and a find/replace tool, but they're also easy to find and use! I've never seen anything easier! I hope this app will keep its support into the future, and that it continues to be complex yet simple for all.

Coda iOS is amazing
Didier Moët FRS

It’s just as good as I would expect from Panic. No less. πŸ‘πŸ‘


You might not believe me, but it’s the dopest thing I’ve ever seen. They need to fix their website to communicate that better.

Bug report

I love this app. But there is an annoying bug in the terminal. I ssh to a remote Linux and use tmux. Once I switched to other apps and switched back, the visible region of the terminal is shifted left a little bit, so we can’t see the first few columns of the terminal. Close the terminal and connect again can solve the screen shift, but it is super annoying. I tried other terminal apps like terminus and they don’t have such issue. Let me know if developer needs more information about the bug. Thanks.

Great app but would love a few simple features

This is my go to app for coding and using ssh to work remotely. The only problem I have with it is the lack of Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts for navigating easily from within the terminal. Other apps are able to use command+’ for emulating the escape key or even use the volume buttons on an external keyboard for pageup and pagedown. If the developer could implement these, this app would be absolutely perfect for my needs.

Josh Ockert

A coder's text editor that cannot display or edit text. If I wanted a site manager, I'd buy one. Panic should be ashamed of themselves. EDIT: No. It is not a bug. You broke it by design.

App Repeatedly Crashes

I love coda on the desktop however this app constantly crashes for no apparent reason. I really like this app and hope this issue gets fixed with an update. I love the fact that you can basically do everything on the desktop version on the iOS version... Frequent crashes aside this app is awesome when it works!


App works great but every time I open it it prompts for a review. Kind of ruins the experience.