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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Best, most pleasant, comfortable environment for managing/coding websites


I would LOVE for Files app integration and drag & drop. It’s a shame I can’t edit files that aren’t a part of a “website” in this, the BEST environment for writing code on iPad.

Walled Garden File Management is Laughable in 2018


Apple sold a lot of iPad Pros when they added Files. I want to store my “local” Coda files on Dropbox. Or OneDrive. Or Google Drive. I don’t know where I’m going to be or what device I’ll be using. I *do* know, $25 later that it won’t be Coda. And Github? Apparently it’s a passing fad. Who do you know doing serious work who uses that? Besides everybody. There was a time you had to be a walled garden on iOS. I understand that. But that day has passed. You’d hope a company called ‘Panic’ would show a sense of urgency about keeping up with the times... Right now it’s a very pretty museum piece with little practical utility.

Waste of $


Wish I bought another app rather than waste $ on this. 👎🏿No sftp functionality🤥

Needs Git support


Importing and exporting apps via Git would be great. An obvious, overlooked feature. Pushing and pulling via Git feels more native to a Rails developer than FTP. The ability to easily import an app from BitBucket or GitHub..This app needs a new feature..not just bug fixes and performance enhancements. Come on guys!

Panic does not disappoint.


This is well worth the price for anyone who works with a lot of code in many languages and environments. It effectively turns an iPhone into a versatile, light development environment. It’s missing a star for me, because unlike with Prompt, there’s still some UI refinement necessary to maximize valuable screen real-estate on an iPhone (or they don’t make that feature discoverable). The terminal and file management modules are otherwise nearly identical to Prompt and Transmit. It’s nice to have a robust local editor and SCM tool in the same sandbox as remote access tools. It gives me the choice at any time to have a responsive, native, intuitive interface or the power of Emacs on a rack node. It also allows me to keep terminal sessions open while testing WebKit rendering or transferring graphics.

Still Crazy (good) After All These Years


If you are a web developer wondering if you can do your job on the iPad while on the road, the answer yes and Coda is the way. This is an amazing app and nearly as good as it's Mac counterpart. Syntax Highlighting is solid and reliable (in earlier versions this was an issue). Coda is the only text editor with a good workflow for editing web pages on remote servers and it's SFTP support is phenomenal. I also love the fact that I can support projects complete with multiple files open and terminal and SFTP configuration. Coda supports synchronization with the Mac version of the app and overall it works well with a few minor glitches around key management. There are a few frustrations, mostly involving synchronizing with the Mac version. Occasionally it doesn't notice a file on the server has been updated and I'll end up over-writing changes. Also, as I mentioned above, the Mac doesn't seem to fully support the private keys you add to projects here. I'd also love to see the ability to create a default ssh identity for use across all projects, so I wouldn't have to link to the key in every single project. (Similar to the way you can have a single identity in your .ssh folder on the desktop) Coda is still far above the competition, it's a full on web developer toolkit! Update: Love this app so much I make a point of re-upping my review every version!! Update 2: Still very happy. Would love to see support for better syntax highlighting, code completion, and/or Emmet.

Coda for iOS is Awesome


This is one slick and super well thought out program. I LOVE the auto-complete and the ability to quickly update my website right through the program’s interface. Actually I can’t find a negative thing to say about Coda! It’s that good. It is powerful, convenient, and polished. I also use very powerful Mac text editors but honestly having Coda available on my iPad has been so amazing. Being able to sit and edit and then update my sites on my iPad while sitting at Starbucks is awesome. Well done Panic! This is my favorite app of all time.

Please add support for git


Hi, it is the great app, but lacking support for git. In these days doing development without git is way back. Thanks

App keeps harassing me for review


Stop bothering me please

Still doesn’t support ed25519


Not sure why, in 2018, Coda does not support ed25519. I have been using this type of ssh key exclusively for over 2 years, nearly 3. This needs to be updated ASAP or I will be requesting a refund.