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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Navigation Needs a Re-Design


The features are great. Hands down, best text editor I've come across for phones. However, navigating through sites and folders is a pain. It's not very intuitive in that aspect.

Love the app but...


It would be nice to be able to link Dropbox to select a .pem server key to login to the server.

Great app, but bugs will destroy work flow.


I indeed loved this app, its elegant and works nicely. But there are some bugs that just kill my work flow on this app. Some include when you use split screen, the app will sometimes not register keys with the Smart Keyboard. And shortcuts will stop working too, even without split screen also. The team is working hard on fixing bugs, so hopefully they get them fixed. I will give my review 5 stars if they do!

Won't replace my laptop but...


I've had Coda for only a day so far, but from what I can tell it's the best web development tool available for iOS today. There's a few features I think it could use (an inspector function on the preview window, the ability to open your page in Safari, etc), but if you're in a pinch and you need to do work on the fly, Coda is the way to go. A couple things to keep in mind- it works a heck of a lot better with a keyboard. Otherwise the onscreen keyboard takes up 2/3 of the screen and you can't see your code. I have a keyboard case on my iPad and that works well. Secondly, this probably works a lot better on a iPad Pro, if for no other reason than the giant screen. Coding takes up real estate. Worth the price, looking forward to it being a valuable tool.

Please add:


Word wrap that matches the initial line's indentation level. Ty.

Git not included


Coda is a pretty great app, however the inability to connect with a git Service such as bitbucket or Github, is something that I think will negate the usefulness of the product for a lot of people.

It’s awesome


And it’s really nice to get something for free after being a paying customer for all these years :-). My life practically is intertwined with Coda. Your product is excellent. Thank you.

Outstanding app for remote text editing

John Gruber

Remarkably ambitious app, with a beautiful interface.


Brian Naja

Coda works as advertised it’s great 👍

Generally good, but needs work


Overall I like this app, but I am not sure if it is good enough for the price. I feel at this price there need to be more features and customizability. For example adding supports for additional languages. My main complaint is with regards to external keyboards. The on-screen shortcut bar is useful while using the touch keyboard, but is a waste of space while using an external keyboard. Hiding the shortcut bar, disables the keyboard. Even for the simpler case of hiding the undo/redo clipboard, it reappears on the first keystroke. This is really bad design.