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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Crash-happy Trash


This app cost what, $25 typically? It’s great except for the review begging. One star - you literally asked for it. Edit mid-January: Can I downgrade this to 0 stars, for having become a crash-happy piece of trash at least for SSH sessions? I’ll be sitting there waiting for a process to return, and curiously try to type or tap, and boom, back to the “desktop”. I run everything in a screen session now, because... Well... Crash-happy trash. I regret paying $25, $15, $5. I’ll surely be replacing this with a $0.99 app soon.

Great app. Needs light theme and larger text


The app seems to work great. My only complaints are that I cannot find a way to switch to a “light” mode (which I just find more comfortable for my eyes), and also that there does not seem to be an easy way to increase the text size in the code editor without installing your own custom font. The default text size is quite small.

App is great, but difficult file management


Developing in the app is great and very useful, getting files off the iPad after is very difficult without a FTP server. It is a shame to have such a useful IDE on the iPad but not be able to share code or connect to GitHub, DevOps, or any other common source control sites. Right now I only use this app for mockup ideas on functions and data. If I could connect to GitHub or DevOps then I could actually use this for development and it would be a 5 star application. Even onedrive or Dropbox integration would help. Fantastic app with great potential, just need the ability to share! Who uses FTP servers anymore?

Too buggy to even edit code


Can’t edit an 300kb XML file without the app repeatedly crashing.

No Dropbox Support? Write Code Like It’s 1999!


Writing and creating your whole project in Coda and shipping via FTP? Awesome. Using multiple tools to edit files in multiple locations, like Dropbox, or HECK even the FILES functionality of iOS? You’re out of luck. I’ve been a happy Panic/Coda customer for years, but they’ve lost me. There are plenty of good text/code editors on iOS now that support basically every file storage solution you’d need. This is a beautiful, fast, and useless outdated app now. In fact, on their website they recommend paying for another subscription service to connect Dropbox, which is laughably anti-customer.

Not a good alternative to a text editor


I wanted the best text editor with good features for possible future use. Unfortunately when I get a sql script sent to my email and choose Coda to open it, the app opens but does nothing. When I went to try and return the app due to the misunderstanding (within a day of purchase) I was denied a refund. Well lesson learned and 25 bucks down the drain for an app that might be used later, but does nothing for me currently.

Nice interface but limited functionality

Robbie dm54

For the price of this app they really should be adding a few more features- the biggest issue for me is the limited language support for syntax highlighting and indentation. The Koda app, at much less than half the price has many more languages. Heck I’d be willing to pay for some new features as in app purchases if that’s what it takes. Get Haskell syntax highlighting (I know that is niche but it would make me so happy. And Koder has it.)

Apple Files Support Please


Great app, but no need to go it alone with the advent of Apple Files. Please add this functionality, it would make this my go to tool.

A mature app that I would like to see improved.


I don’t think Coda quite keeps up with the level of productivity I expect on a modern iPad, and it’s not clear the developer intends it to. My impression is that this app is treated as a late-mature product, with ongoing maintenance but little ongoing investment. That said, I haven’t found anything better yet. I use the SSH terminal and code editor on a daily basis. These both work well enough to get by, but I also feel frustrated by them on a daily basis. Things I really like: - Edit files as if editing “directly on the remote”. You don’t need to manually download files locally before editing or manually upload them when finished, circa 15 years ago (and some competitor apps require this!!!). Just “open”, edit, “save”. - SSH tabs grouped with file tabs, and as many as you want. - Improvements on standard iPad cursor/selection, including two-finger pinch to select a block of text. - Pretty good syntax highlighting and completion. These are the areas I would like to see invested in: - Returning to an SSH terminal often gets the screen size wrong so I can’t see the left ~100px or bottom ~100px — and therefore can’t see what I’m typing. Workaround: Hit the “lock” button to turn off your screen, then unlock your screen and press “Connect”. This time it gets the size right. Happens many times throughout the day. - Move the “find” panel to the bottom of the screen so it’s easier to close it and doesn’t cover the file tabs. - Auto-select the text in the “find” panel when I press `cmd-f`. This way I can press `cmd-f` and immediately start typing my next search. Currently I need to manually clear the previous query before I can start a new one, so it ends up looking more like `cmd-f <type type type> <realize it’s appending to my previous query> cmd-a delete <re-type type type>`. - Update the file navigation to be more iOS-like with breadcrumbs at the top to browse up a directory — I eventually figured out that it works best if you go full-screen on the “remote” files list so that you can swipe “back” from the left edge of the screen to go “up” a level in the hierarchy. - Opening a file for editing is too clunky. I want this to be the default option — when I tap a file, open it so I can edit it. Give me a (...) menu if you want to allow other actions without opening it. I rarely do anything other than open it for editing, so it’s an extra step that I go through hundreds of times per day. - Keyboard selection is weak. This might be more the fault of default iOS behavior, but here’s something I do quite often: Start with my cursor in the middle of a line. `cmd-shift-right` to select the rest of the line. Then `shift-left` a few times to unselect the right-most characters on the line. Doesn’t work: instead it moves the left side of the selection further left, which I don’t want. Workaround: Remember those right-most chars you wanted to keep, delete the rest of the line, and re-type them. - Keyboard nav bug: Select an entire line with `cmd-L`. Press the right arrow. It should take you to the beginning of the next line. Instead it jumps down an extra line. - Terminal scrolling: Termius has this awesome feature where they KEEP YOUR TERMINAL OUTPUT HISTORY instead of deleting it when it scrolls off-screen, so you can scroll back and read long outputs/logs. This is amazing, and uses your iPad to approve upon the standard SSH experience. Please implement this. - There’s probably more... but this is just what’s at the top of my mind.



Where is transmit? No transmit.. ok. 1 Star, I bought transmit for iOS, and now I can only download it from paid apps only. Coda without iOS transmit is nothing. Oh and panic sync, we want our data in icloud, but I didn't do that choice.