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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Great app


$25 may seem like an exorbitant price but after replacing my laptop with an iPad as my primary device I can say it’s well worth it. There is a little learning curve to the navigation but once you get pst that it is incredible!


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Ok its not dreamweaver or pop storm but... If you are looking for an app for the iPad that allows editing of (at least for my sake) php files ON the remote server with (pretty good) ftp connection to server, this is your app! So far yes the code hinting works and code highlighting works great too but.. what I miss from the adobe suite is the automatic code upload on save. Maybe I am missing the setup for this feature but I have a keyboard case for my iPad and when I click the save keyboard shortcut it does indeed save but not automatically upload to the remote server. Again... it will connect to the server and upload files when you specify it to sync but as far as I know not automatically! Correct me if I’m wrong please! All gripes aside(I say all but really only one) this is one of the best programming apps you can get for your iPad if your doing php like myself. I run my buisness off php and MySQL/xml/JavaScript and here you go guys. 30 bucks is chump money for those who program and the amount of detail put into this app is top notch. Recommend highly

Esta bien, pero....


Es un exente editor de código y eso nadie lo niega... sin embargo de los que venimos de dreamweaver vemos algunas carencias, por ejemplo. - No indica los errores de sintaxis: si te equivocas en una sola palabra, la app no te lo va a decir y vas a tener que buscar ese error desesperadamente. - en los archivos css al usar (background-image) y escribir la dirección de la imagen, no te indica un auto completado del directorio del archivo, como cuando usas la etiqueta img en html. - al escribir las clases que tengas en un archivo css aparte, no se auto completan. - me gustaria que tenga una biblioteca con las etiquetas que puedo usar. Como en dreamweaver con la opcion de insertar, te muestras las diferentes etiquetas que puedes usas - al escribir una etiqueta no te muestra su complemento, ejemplo, al usar <figure> no te muestra <caption> Esas son las cosas que considero pueden mejor y dar una mejor experiencia al usuario.

Could be a Great Editor

Mutant One

Panic claims to have “been building file manager for a really long time” -their words. But, local file management just doesn’t cut it! I’ve given up on Coda... for now! I’ve since moved to an editor that handles local and remote files and folders like a breeze, and it was half the price! I’m truly hoping things improve!

Kind of feel like I over paid.


A way to customize the syntax highlighting would be really great. Also - native iCloud connection support would be a real game changer for me instead of having an ssh session drop me into my iCloud folder on a remote Mac. I don’t feel like any of panics iOS apps have been getting much love lately and it’s a shame because I love working and traveling with just my iPad.

Great app but...


Great app but could be soooo much better with one update. Desperately needs to support Emmet. Also needs HTML5 and CSS Grid.

I want to give this a full 5 stars, but I can’t


The whole interface feels somewhat clunky. There isn’t a way to natively access files that isn’t convoluted (I spent way to much time figuring out how to import a cover). There is the files app on all of the iOS devices now with support for EXACTLY what they are trying to do and they have just not implemented it. The covers also stretch the image you provide a crap ton which is no fun. The terminal is okay, I have yet to figure out if there are any keyboard shortcuts for function keys, but it is okay. The code editing is wonderful. I have had little to know syntax highlighting glitches. The code completion feature is also really nice. It doesn’t search the file you are working in or the local files in the directory but it is still nice. It would be a lot better if there were some split screen option to reference other files, but I can make due with the tabs. The SFTP saving, honestly better than anything else. I love this. I love this probably more than anything else in the program. I really wish this app had Apple Pencil support either for highlighting or searching, or both at the same time. Overall, I like this app. It does an okay job, but better job than most other options. Why it costs $25? No idea. Why it doesn’t use files? Still no idea. Maybe the developer will add these things soon.

A very good IDE for mobile Coda coders


This app gives you the best way to work with your projects on the go. Your code can be accessed from anywhere (through the internet for full control) and you can fix or modify your code, as well as add files and assets to your work. If you use Coda and could use a way to access your code on the go (or just at home and want to sit outside while you polish off that last “todo”). This will do the trick and still keep you in your Coda environment. Keep up the good work!

Needs better file navigation.


All in all a great app, but a good code editor needs to let you navigate between files efficiently. To summarize what it does do: A file browser that’s pretty awkward for going up and down directories where you have to need two taps to open a file (one to open the file properties, one to edit), and a tab bar that of course won’t show you too much on a small-ish screen. A file browser side bar and/or a fuzzy search would do a ton for productivity. Also, it’d be nice if it’d didn’t have a penchant for leaving trailing whitespace all over files I edit.

Awesome app


Awesome app, especially for those who are learning or need to make stuff on the fly. **One issue- When I go to load a file into a website group or project, it force closes the app.