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Block Bros: Platformer Builder

Block Bros is a challenging online action game with features more of everything you love! Jump, climb, kick and dash through the ever-expanding selection of levels ! Stages can be created by YOU or your fellow players :)
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Games Free Daigo Sato iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can generate URL for every level in the game. Share the link of your level to challenge your friends. See if they can beat it!


Play Levels

- Beat over 200 campaign levels!
- Beat user created levels to earn PlayerPoints and blocks!
- Time Attack Leaderboard available for each level
- Rate your favorite levels to support the creator
- Earn gems to unlock more playable characters!
- Earn PlayerPoints to grow your rank as a player!

Build Your Levels!

- Use earned blocks to make interesting levels and submit to BlockBros!
- Other players will give you stars, correct stars to unlock bronze/silver/gold rewards for each level
- Earn BuilderPoints to grow your rank as a builder!

Communicate with other Players

- Follow other players
- Comment on each level to communicate with other players
- Compete on per-level leaderboard
- Post your gameplay video online!
- Design your own emblems and gift them to other players


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Best game ever
Dave bush69

The game is great!!!!!!!!!!!

REALY good game

This game is dope I love how you can make levels (I have made a lot ) and just a REALY good game. Five stars from me!

Meat Vendor

Excellent game, clean interface and great for kids! The developer is amazing.

This game is the best thing ever! Well, except.....
It is?

OMG! Block Bros is an amazing game! It almost has everything that a platform builder game needs! It has campaigns, endless level designs, different background choices, online contact with other players, a follower option for people who’s levels you enjoyed, amazing looking skins you can buy, your own created medals, and unique block and obstacle types! This game is a definite download for people who like things like Super Mario Maker! But, like most people, I’m gonna have to point out, THE ADS. They’re everywhere! If you play a level and beat it, you’ll either be rewarded with blocks, or gems. (Gems are the in-game currency) But, to get the gems, you have to watch ADS. And, if you were wondering, YES! There is a way to get rid of the ads! There’s an ad removal option in the store! Yeah, for ONE THOUSAND GEMS. When you watch a video for gems, you usually get from 2 to 8 gems, depending on the level’s difficulty. That’s very little comparing to A THOUSAND GEMS! So, my point is: ads. They’re a problem. But otherwise, this game is amazing! Without the ads, the game would be PERFECT! But, one suggestion. Maybe some side scrolling, so you could make more level, or enemies that attack you when you get near them. Or maybe portals that, when you go through them, they take you somewhere else! Just ideas, though. Not problems. So yeah, get Block Bros!!! But, be warned! Ads are a major threat. -Obvios :3

Amazing Game!

I’ve been playing this game for so long now and I absolutely love it! It has an amazing concept, gives the player a nice challenge, and allows the player to express their creativity! Easily a 5 Star game, wish this game got more attention!

Bad stability, unfavorable physics, otherwise not bad.
Ryan Stallings

Pros: -Reliable community servers. -Reasonable pricing for in-game purchases. -Frequent-enough content updates considering the amount of people behind the game and the game’s alternate multiplayer function. -Well-designed single-player mode with 300 levels at the time of reviewing. -The music could be worse. (The older songs seem to drone on without too much to spice it up, some songs have too much going on at once with way too much reverb, Floating Island though is really nice to listen to.) Cons: -Physics for some blocks seem cobbled together, producing strange effects. -Horrible stability on my device. (personally observed on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, softlocks/hardlocks sometimes every 5 minutes, other times seems very stable) While the community can be complained about, I wouldn’t rate the game poorly on that merit, although it must be pointed out that the game can be very discouraging with the combination of the ranking system of levels and the audience playing the game.


I have played this game since 2015, and I want to log into an account again, I know the email and the username of that account but I am unable to log in as it asks for an ID. Im pretty sure you didn’t need to type an ID to log into your ID before, so I don’t know what it is because I can’t log in :/ Please help!!

One HUGE Problem

I can’t get my account back because the passwords are random and I didn’t know that. If there can be a better way, and I can get back my old account, it would help me a lot.

Great game! And I have an update idea!
gavin bavin

Add a blaster block it’s a little cannon that shoots tiny spikes in the Direction that your in (skins) 1. Color black shoots normal spikes 2. Color red shoots really fast spikes 3. Color blue shoots spikes that follow you everywhere you go disappears after 3 seconds 4. Color yellow shoots giant spikes. I’m leaving the price of gems up to you!