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Block Bros: Platformer Builder

Block Bros is a challenging online action game with features more of everything you love! Jump, climb, kick and dash through the ever-expanding selection of levels ! Stages can be created by YOU or your fellow players :)
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Games Free Daigo Sato iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can generate URL for every level in the game. Share the link of your level to challenge your friends. See if they can beat it!


Play Levels

- Beat over 200 campaign levels!
- Beat user created levels to earn PlayerPoints and blocks!
- Time Attack Leaderboard available for each level
- Rate your favorite levels to support the creator
- Earn gems to unlock more playable characters!
- Earn PlayerPoints to grow your rank as a player!

Build Your Levels!

- Use earned blocks to make interesting levels and submit to BlockBros!
- Other players will give you stars, correct stars to unlock bronze/silver/gold rewards for each level
- Earn BuilderPoints to grow your rank as a builder!

Communicate with other Players

- Follow other players
- Comment on each level to communicate with other players
- Compete on per-level leaderboard
- Post your gameplay video online!
- Design your own emblems and gift them to other players


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I love the game, but you need to fix something.

I honestly think that BlockBros is a really creative level-making and level-playing game. But there’s one thing that really annoys me and I would love if they fixed this. It’s that when you play BlockBros offline, it doesn’t let you see your profile AT ALL. I know it sounds minor, but there’s really not much to do when you’re offline other than just playing the campaign or buying stuff. I mean, it probably has to do with the comments or something, and if it does then just have us be able to play the level but not check the comments! In conclusion, I think you should be able to look at your levels when you’re offline. Sincerely, a true BlockBros fan.

My new favorite game. Buy IT.

This game is amazing . I love that you can create your own levels . But........ you need to buy recourses with gems. Why not endless recourses? Please because this is stoping me from creating a lot of levels. That’s pretty much it . Playing the other people’s levels are fun. Also the carecters and backgrounds cost too much. But it’s a amazing game. Buy it!

my favourite game
Parkour ninja Minecraft

this is my favourite game because it has infinity possibilities and I would recommend you play it!

Please reply

My phone broke and I had to get a new one and I forgot my password and player ID for the account Tonysmash then I made Tonysmash1 and I forgot the password again then I’m on Tonysmash2 and all I want is to get my account tonysmash back plz plz plz plz But overall the game is amazing


But theres ads

Can’t share:(

I give this 4 stars cuz I can’t share my darn lvl! I did everything AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!!u better change this or else I will leave it as 4 stars 4-EVER! Plz fix this:(I really upset with this😑😑and can u add a post button in chat plz so u can post ur lvls?

Cool and AMAZING!

This is a very cool game!10-10!

Really Fun And Cool

I like it a lot it’s something you can do if you are bored and you want a fun activity just play this game.I would recommend playing this game because I had a lot of fun!

A Seemingly Endless Array Of Fun
The Derk

This little retro-style level maker is anything but. First, They’ll get you started with a few fun tutorial levels. After those few tutorials, you will find yourself looking at loads and loads content to explore. Now you can go check out the top users, best levels, and even look through the in-game store if you want to get some extra items right off the bat, but don’t worry. The developers made sure that you don’t have to purchase any of the different content in the game if you don’t want to. You can actually earn the in-game currency without spending millions of years trying to purchase one single item. This is one of the few free games that I’ve played that will let some of us old school gamers grind it out to earn our loot vs grinding out dollar after dollar from the ol wallet. Right now, you are probably wondering how do you actually get to acquire these in-game items. Well, you may want to start off by checking out some of the challenging campaigns. Each one comes loaded up with unique and fun levels to gather up different blocks and enjoy a good story. Don’t want to campaign play? Well, you can always check out the endless top rated user levels people are creating, or maybe see who is currently best in the world. I can spend hours at a time playing through some of the amazing levels from other users. Yet, I sense that all of that user content may not be enough for everyone. Well, it’s a good thing that there’s still another way to play and earn blocks. The time attack mode allows you to bring all of your amazing gaming skills to the table and see how they stack up against other in user created levels. So, go ahead and fight for a world record amongst the seemingly endless users that are playing this game. Awesome game overall, and you’re going to have fun with it no matter how you play.

Best game Eva and FIRST
Gamers for the war

Me first to write review and this is the best game. Thank you DAIGO sato.