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Bit is free iOS app published by Anders Hovmoller

Fun. Good memories


Exactly how I remember it!

Super cool


Like other reviewers I'd like to pick the response and have "Yes, yes, yes!" and "No, no, no, no, no!" added. Otherwise it's so fun!



All it is is a 3D cube thing. I don't get why people like it!

Bit in your iDevice


Exactly like the one from the movie. Good app if you're feeling indecisive. Just download, it's free and loads in 10 seconds.

Yes yes yes no no no


It would be five stars if you could make it go yes yes yes and no no no



Just like the classic!! Update this with a random yes yes yes! and no no no no! To be perfect. But either way I'm happy with it!! Thanks


Liam clink

I love tron and the the magic 8 ball. If you like either one, get it(it's free) good for yes or no questions. Not all the time



WAY better than the other bit app. 5 stars if it could go yes yes yes and no no no

Not gonna lie...


Probably the most satisfying app I've experienced. ...And I'm kind of an app hoarder. :-D



This app is way cool. Tron fans will definatly like this. If you buy this app you'll most likely like it. I love how it changes form when not saying "yes" or " no". If I were you I'd buy the app. I like how it goes back to origional form. Like I said in the title aaaaaaammmmaaaaazzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggg. I say this because most of the time I ask it a question and it says the correct answer when I tap the iPad. You really should buy this BIT app. This app is SUPER fun to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,!!!!!!!!!!!!! This BIT app is simple but fantastically FUN!!!!!!!! If you are a tron fan you must buy this app.I have to say it does get a "BIT" annoying after a while, but it is just for entertainment when you are bored. It is called an entertainment BIT , isn,t it ? It was one of my best and favorite apps.