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Bit is free iOS app published by Anders Hovmoller

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Very cool app, better than the other one. I like how you can make it spin. I'm not sure if the developer is still reading this but I wish they added a background and maybe use a new voice sample and not just the one from the movie. Anyway, better than flipping a coin.



This thing is hilarious! I asked it if it was a loser and it said no. But when I asked it if I was a loser, it said yes! It's a great app for when you've got nothing to do and just want to kill some time. I recommend this app for anybody who is thinking about downloading it. If you don't like it, it's free in the first place!


mazer array

This app is awesome! I was watching TRON:Uprising and all the bad parts Bit said NO! And All bad parts he said YES! This app is awesome! 

Great little Tron Bit emulator!


Fun little app to mess around with. Voice recognition to know when you ask a question would really earn it 5 stars. Also would be interesting to have the back camera on so it might look like the bit is in the room with you in an augmented reality sort of way.

Loves it


I love the bit and the tron movies. Great job guys

A fun app

k1ng sl4yer

This is a fun game you can ask it weird questions and laugh at the answers

No Audio after iOs update


Just finished updating iPad iOs (21Sept2012) and it seems the new firmware doesn't like Bit talking. ->No audio when bit says yes or no<- Massive bummer!!



It always sides against my dad lol



Bit has always given me the right answers to my yes/no questions.

Needs iPhone 5 Support


Needs iPhone 5 support. Please update to fill iPhone 5's 4 inch screen. Will rate higher once completed. Thanks.