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A magic 8-ball-ish application inspired by Bit in the classic movie Tron. Tap it and it will tell you "yes" or "no", the only two values a bit can have.
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bIg Reeeeeeeeeeeee

The title was self explanatory Nothing more needs to be said. It’s impossible to improve if it’s already this perfect.

All my major decisions in life come down to this

Honestly, this app was the saving grace of my life, all my major life decisions were made by this simple little... shape Anyways, this app helped me win at a trivia contest,”who’s the king of Mongolia” and i got ‘yes’, making me win the trivia contest, taking home the grand prize of $295.00 11/10 would recommend to all decision makers out there

Super fun

So fun to ask this little guy questions and see the yes or no response. For those who have not seen the first Tron movie or the Tron Uprising series. Yellow is yes Red is no. All in all fun app. Would recommend it for any Tron fan, or anyone who just want to ask Bit questions.

Love it!!

Can we all agree we need a Tron movie


This is honestly my favorite app. Nothing stupid, no in app purchases, does what it says. I use this all the time. It's great.

It’s ok.
anonymous 30

I had this on my old android phone, but that version let you fix the responses. It would be nice to have that feature back.

I love bit :’)

this game is great, especially now with the coronavirus; endless enjoyment!!!! :’)) I love Tron and bit

Great Fun!

If you are a fan of the 1982 cult classic Tron, this is the app for you! Simple, but so much fun to screw around with, this is the perfect time consumer for any fan!

The bomb

It’s a good app but it needs to be able to use more levels of answers to questions. P.S. in a review the movie is TRON Not torn.

The bomb 123

This game was awful and I didn’t understand at all!

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