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Bit is free iOS app published by Anders Hovmoller

Never knew how much I needed this


Watched Tron recently and my friend was obsessed with Bit, now I can't wait to see his face when I show him this!

Yes or no?


I haven't seen tron so I don't know witch is witch.

Audio bug or bad choice?


I'm not sure if it was intended to be this way or not. Personally, I turn the volume on rings and alerts all the way down on my iPad so that I'm not broadcasting to the whole office every time I get an email or plug in to recharge battery. There's too much of that going on around me as it is. And since bit's "voice" is played through one of those channels, I get no audio. Why not just adjust the audio when I want to play with bit? Because it's annoying and this is the only app I would be doing that for. I'd much rather just leave it off all the time and delete the app than play with it. Good bye bit it was fun for a few minutes at least.

No sound. :(


I love the noise Bit makes! Please fix!!! I am running the latest IOS. Kinda also want the ability to rig bit so it can pull the scene where he goes: yesyesyesyesyesyes.

IPhone Sound!


Need my sound on iPhone! Will revise review for 5 stars!


Wonder maker

Just don't buy it listen DO NOT GET IT

Great Bit


The only way this could be better is if it responded to you when you talked to it. Fix that and make the "yes" "no" sound clearer or repeat every now and then and you're all good.

I like it!


I notice everyone else is having problems with this app, but all I did was turn off push notifications and just played with it! It's a fun 8 ball experience and I used it for random decision making!

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Nerf Herder

If you love Tron, this is for you! No problems with the sound for me.

Simple, but works

Lego Damashii

A tiny little app that does what it says. The audio sounds good, but you can't control the volume (on/off only). I hope a future update adds the ability to (secretly) choose the response, maybe by touching a certain part of the screen. Also, I agree with another reviewer that adding in the "YesYesYesYes" and "NoNoNoNo" responses would be great.