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Bit is free iOS app published by Anders Hovmoller



Been a Tron fan forever! The only thing that I'd change is to make the animation when he's nit answering a little faster! A sweet freakin app!



I was absolutely in love with Bit from the original Tron. I'm glad to see a recreation of it on my iPad. It looks absolutely wonderful! I love how you kept it simple. All in all, a great app for Tron fans, and a cute app for boredom.

Great Little App!


As a child of the 80's and something of a self professed computer geek I've always loved all things Tron. This little app ROCKS!!!

Great, only two things....


I love that this is simple and without a bunch of extra crap. I do wish the bit was a little faster at responding (it just feels like there's some lag). And just another request would be the addition of the "yes, yes, yes" from the movie. But even with those two points, this has given me and my roommates at least a couple hours of entertainment.

Great app

Sam Vigil

I use this app all the time and almost always no matter what I ask it it's right


Night beast

Somehow I had a feeling there was an app Like this :DDD awsome!!


Companion Cube

Does exactly what it says, no more, no less.



This is an awesome app but should have added sound like from the movie

Tron BIT lives


Love the app, including the added sounds from the actual movie. Too awesome!

Four panels

Kain Highwind

If there is an update, tapping the upper left fourth of the screen should make it say 'No'. lower left 'No no no no no no!'. Upper right 'Yes'. Lower right 'yes yes yes yes yes yes!'