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Bit is free iOS app published by Anders Hovmoller

Simple app but works perfectly


My only wish was that it was tied into Siri, or even Google Assistant or Alexa. It would be fun to ask it actual questions that it could give actual factual answers to. As in, I could ask Bit if it's cold out and it could say "yes" if it's below 50F. Or I could ask it if it's raining or other yes/no answers confirmable via the web. I realize this would be a lot of work, but I'd definitely pay for the app! Regardless, this is great.

Can we merge with this memory, BIT?


There is one flaw, like another reviewer stated, which is that it needs to link with Siri as a voice skin to answer yes/no questions.

Best thing in the app store


It is clearly the best thing in the app store. It's also unsearchable. Love it.


Gatsi 4

I am so confused I don't know which is yes and which is no

Like from original torn


Most of the time when I ask him if he's my friend he says no :_(



Please add multi finger tap to control yes and no.

Love it


A slick beautiful throwback. With no adds!!! Love it, a must for the indecisive.

Love this app


I was stoked to see this on the App Store. I use it all the time, brings back great memories.

Please add


Please add sounds

Upgrade to V 2.0 update - don't do it!


Ads in the update to this clean & simple app? To quote Bit: "No! No! No! No! No!" And something tells me Disney was only letting this slide because it generated no money...until now with the introduction of advertising. And the flat grid in the background does nothing aesthetically. I'm sticking with the original!