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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation

Rip-off Alert


After buying a year contract, the technical support people told me I need to spend another $60 to make the router work with the VPN service I purchased. Technical support our rude and each support person will tell you a different information, and it's usually wrong information. To make it clear, I spoke with 3 technical support people before buying my year contract. No matter what you do, don't use this company.

It's a problem on the iPhone


It was working so-so in China. It would get blocked, but then it would start working again. Now, it has been blocked for 4 months and it is fustrating. However, it does work on my other Samsung phones. I am rating this app based on being able to use it on my iPhone. I think it is due to Apple, not giving more control to Astrill.

Working for me


I can't comment about how it works in China. It works perfectly from the US. I use it both on my laptop and on my cell phone. It works exactly as advertised. Product information clearly says it can't be used on a router without a special subscription. If you want to protect your network, buy the correct license.

Really Dissapointed

Berny D.

I spent $50 or so on this service before going to China and it really sucked and only worked a few times over the span of several months. I recommend the free apps VPN master (for phones) and Psiphone (for computers). Wouldn't recommend this AT ALL. I would like a refund.

It works now


It drops very frequently before, but now it works perfectly, just like on my MacBook. I think they have solved the problem and updated for iOS devices. Highly recommend this if you want to watch YouTube fluently in mainland China. (Hopefully it won't be always dropping again in the future)

Works great in China


I have been in Beijing for 2 years and have tried a number of different vpns all of which had issues, either they were glitchy or very slow or just stopped functioning completely on certain days. But Astrill is not only fast, easy to connect, I haven't experienced websites it can't connect to or any slow glitchy days.

Where is the smart mode in v2.1?


I'm glad to see the new version, and it is good for me. But I can't find the smart mode in it.where is it?