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5/5 rating based on 786 reviews. Read all reviews for To do list & Planner for iPhone. To do list & Planner is free iOS app published by Any.DO inc.

I love this app!


This app is great! I love the functionality of it and the smoothness of it. I also love the fact that you can add so many different details or times and ways to organize each task without making it seem to cluttered or overkill like some of the other apps. Great job team, solid app.

Difficult to use


Very unintuitive. Recurring tasks hard to set up and do not show in future or all task lists.



Hi. This app is Very very good. Thanks for it.

Good app


It helps a lot

For the “free version” it’s still amazing

My fav game?????

I just started using this and I’m so happy! I can get a lot out of this even with the free version! The premium just had a few extra things I don’t even think I’d use! This app is amazing and perfect for what I needed for my photo buisness. I can easily keep track of clients times and dates

Messed up my Reminders list

Loves checklists

I had several different lists under the native Apple reminders app. emptied all of those lists and put them into one master “someday “list in Now I have to go back and re-organize all those items somehow and delete so it won’t happen again? Appreciate any fix ideas.

Will not disappoint

g salah

This is the planner, organizer, everything, you have been looking for.

It’s Ight

Eli tickle meeb um

Looks like a neat app until you download it and it’s very complicated for no reason

I like so far just one thing


My widget for counting down how long I have left to my next meeting is amazing but it doesn’t update unless I open the app. Also it’d be great if I could have multiple ‘countdowns’ on the same widget (unless that’s a premium feature I haven’t seen lol)

Help :)


I just need help understanding on what to do if i want to change or create a password if I have logged into the app with Apple. The logging in with apple creates a different email if I choose to login whilst hiding my email and now I cannot change the email either along with the password. I just need assistance. The app seems very well organized and that’s what I have been needing in my life ! :D