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5/5 rating based on 786 reviews. Read all reviews for To do list & Planner for iPhone. To do list & Planner is free iOS app published by Any.DO inc.

Excellent, BUT....


Love this app. Especially the daily review process. However, I now need repeating projects (or at least repeating lists - as they would be "projects" in this app). SO, I must go (to Things3) until you have repeating lists or projects implemented (if ever?). Also, would be awesome to be able to delineate tasks or sub tasks within lists into labeled sections. And pie in the sky wish -- move the notes area up to sit under the title of the task or list. Notes describe what the list or task is. They should be further up. UPDATE: I know there are recurring tasks. But that does not help when you need an entire list (project) with multiple tasks (preferably grouped into sections) to repeat weekly or monthly.

Great for keeping list, not so great at reminders


UI is great and I love this app for keeping various lists of things long term. However, it constantly fails to remind me of events and requires I open it on a daily basis or else the notification numbers simply disappear, which is how I know when I have something coming up. I'll keep using it as a list keeper, and I wish I could use it as a general todo app but unfortunately I need an additional app that can reliable notify me of scheduled events.

Any.Do is The Best Way to Prioritize My Work

Eric in Franklin TN

I have been using now for over six years. I have tried many other applications to help me organize my to do list and set priorities. allows me to quickly move items from category to category and up and down within categories so that I can organize my daily tasks around high priorities. This allows me to stay focused on my most important priorities and related tasks so that I do not get distracted into activities that are less effective. We all have a temptation to check items off our list for the satisfaction that brings. Checking the right tasks off the list, even if fewer tasks get done, is much more important than the volume of tasks. Any doubt do allows me to sortAnd shuffle multiple times a day to keep me focused. I fact that syncs with my email account, my slack account, and my calendar, and can be used on my phone and laptop, makes it a tool I can take and use anywhere. I highly recommend any doubt do to anyone who wants to get things done.

Best App!


Easy to use and keeps me super organized.



I enjoy this app and I have only been using it for 20 minutes

Best To.Do App


Use it everyday. Great to categorize your todos. From personal to business to family and more.

To the point


I like how simple and straight to the point this app is. Been using it for 5 years on my cell and just downloaded it on my iPad.



Nice! I like it a lot, app really helps in everyday planning

The Only To-Do App That Makes Sense


Hands down Any.Do is the best productive app. I’ve used and tried so many to-do apps but none come close to how simple and intuitive Any.Do is. It’s like it was designed having me in mind LOL. Other apps I’ve tried overwhelm me after a few days but Any.Do is almost as good as writing tasks on paper, that’s how natural the experience is.

Best to do lists, robust and flexiae


Way better than google and apples janky offerings. Best to do list offering