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5/5 rating based on 786 reviews. Read all reviews for To do list & Planner for iPhone. To do list & Planner is free iOS app published by Any.DO inc.

I did not subscribe


Take me off your list

Does not update to the current day


This app does not update to the current day. Also this app freezes constantly.



So tedious to work through, videos won’t play either


that's me u fruit

Had it for awhile but never used it. Wow, awesome and love it so far.

For the Widget


It would be nice to be able to scroll through my tasks, rather then only being able to see the top three. Thanks.

false advertising


no widget to be found yet there is one pictured in the app store.

Cannot do simple things


Create a list / delete a list / add item to specific list … get’s confuse with names

It’s great, but expensive premium subscription


It’s a good app. Integrates well for me, good reminders for me to track tasks. I took advantage of the $3/mo 90-day premium trial which I was good with but now that subscription has run out, the only option presented is $59.99 (12 month) for premium. I’m not getting THAT much entertainment and use out if it. If they offer different lower priced options, I’m there. Con: when typing in the app, the keyboard flutters (for lack of better word). It’ll randomly move cursor backwards and when I tap shift, it’ll often times unselect shift and not capitalize letters.

EXCELLENT App for ADhD focus -1 star for glitchy bugs


This is my new go to app for keeping open tasks for all of life organized and on track. I use it for long term to do, daily reminders to workout, etc, and my daily errands. I love that you can customize each task and add attachments, etc - BUT PLEASE ADDRESS THE BUGS IN YOUR APP. When entering new tasks or setting reminders I am constantly getting booted out of the task or the task defaults to a setting I didn’t hit. I did pay for the upgraded version and I use it everyday so hoping these small bugs get fixed!!!!

They banned my acc


They banned my account for providing constructive feedback to them