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5/5 rating based on 786 reviews. Read all reviews for To do list & Planner for iPhone. To do list & Planner is free iOS app published by Any.DO inc.

Great app!


I love everything about this app. I have all my list and things to do organized. They have made it simple to keep track of everything even stuff you need to do a year from now. It has everything I need! I thought when I did the update it had deleted everything, gave me a small heart attack by the way. I had clicked on restore transactions and nothing happened, but then , I closed the app and tried it again and in finally worked. So no harm done. Thank you for such a great app.

Repeating tasks don’t remind and they disappear


Reminders for repeating tasks stopped even though they showed that they were supposed to when I opened to look at the details. I tried resetting each of them again and the times showed up next to them in the main list view but after marking them done for the day, they all stayed marked out and did not appear on the next day’s list. This morning, my day is completely blank even though the details of each item show that they should repeat and there is no end date. I got this app to replace Apple’s Reminders app because tasks I’d mark out would continuously reappear and now I have the opposite problem. I also had an issue where marking repeating tasks completed on one device didn’t mark them complete on any other. This app at least solved that problem but obviously, I’m not going to keep creating the same tasks day after day.

Great app. Great customer service

Husky leopard

I’ve been using this app as my main to do app for 2+ years. It has everything I need to plan and stay on top of my tasks. UI is simple and intuitive. Customer service was great when I contacted them with a Google login permissions issue. They followed up with me when I took a while to respond to their questions, and helped me to resolve the issue.

Get me off your GD spam list!

mr. m m

Get me off your GD spam list!

Any do typing lags


I really liked the app in the past but now the typing hesitates and lags so bad it is unusable.



I don’t need another subscription. Offer a lifetime option



You are the best. Thank you!

This is very well made


I really like the feature where asks you to cut down tasks for the day. I can tell the devs that made this wanted to inspire good behavior and this has helped me immensely. There is a lot of features and it’s almost too much at first. But that adds versatility to this app. Very well done.

Great for Organization!

User 92728

Love this app! It is a very simple format and uses notifications to remind you of undone tasks. You can turn off push notifications, but the notifications on your Home Screen are very helpful.

Amazing Application and even better Customer Support...


This application does every single thing you will need to plan your day, week, and month. However the customer support will go to extreme lengths to assist with any errors or technological issues. I can’t thank Tali enough for the correction of the mistake Apple themselves made...