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Over $60/year subscription?!


Wanted to like this app, but a number of features are hidden behind a paywall - ok, no problem. You get three options, monthly, annual or semi-annual. Starting at $10/mo. No single onetime payment. So for a checklist app with some extra features, you can pay over $120/year by subscribing monthly. Or wait, if you prepay it’s still $60!… Ouch. Went through several reviews and saw new one-star complaints over broken updates and removed features. So, not worth it. Recommend you stick to the built in iOS tasks app for that price. ?‍♂️

Recently became useless


I used this app for YEARS and loved it. I would tell Alexa what to put on my list and it would show up on It kept me organized. But it no longer synchs and that renders it useless for me.



Literally won’t stop harassing you about paying for the app on the first day with small ads everywhere. You can sign-in with google but they won’t sync your calendar. If you search the FAQ they’ll direct you with old UI. Not everything is a service, and definitely not a to-do app. Use client side data storage. I don’t need a cloud to store everything so you can charge me more money. I usually never write reviews, but I wanted to give this a try so I can help my BF with tasks management since he has ADHD. But at this point I should just go buy him a notebook, would be more productive.

Un excelente producto para organizarte


Gracias porque me ayuda enormemente a organizarme y poder planificar

No Apple Watch voice


Don’t waste your time trying it and really don’t waste money by buying premium like I did. Absolute rip off. And don’t believe the reviews. They have to be written by the company. They can’t possibly be true. It has terrible sync with Siri. Voice commands are useless. I just hate getting ripped off over and over again by these app companies. Don’t support them!!!!!!!

Great App if you don’t need much on Watch


I love this app. However, I primarily subscribed to it because I wanted to check off todos on my Apple Watch. offered great support and were very available. But still does not sync with my Apple Watch. Mind you, this could be a problem with my own configuration, or something to do with an obstacle that Apple puts in the way. But I really needed that functionality. So, I’ve switched to another Todo app which, so far, is working great. Again, is wonderful. They just haven’t been able to get the watch app up and syncing for me.

Something went wrong blocker


Unable to link with apple account, gmail, Facebook… no info on help site - delete



This app has exploded my productivity. The interactivness of the design is perfect. Couldn't be happier, and by far it's the best planner app I've used.

Doesn’t really flow.


I downloaded this app for one reason only. It works with Alexa. Ok, I said, ill give it a try, so I got it and signed up for a month of premium ($5.99) The rest of my morning was spent trying to figure the app out. After the first three crashes, it smoothed out. The UI is simple, white back ground- no Dark Mode. You have the ability to change the font color. The screen that allows you to show all of your calendar and to dos is a scrolling clunky mess. You can get this view from any app on the market. On the To Do side, adding them is simple- not by keyboard shortcuts, unfortunately (like CMD-N) Adding repeating events is very clumsy (this feature is only available with premium) The repeat automatically defaults to the present time with no way to edit this and you cannot go into a task and edit it to repeat- this has to be done during the initial task set up. On the to do page, it gets worse. In one view (on iPad) on the left is a list of My Lists- which cannot be edited- cannot remove a list..I turned off Apple Reminders, yet there is still a box there,unused, that I can’t get rid of. There is another tab for Tags, which are color coded. Nice, but when you add a tag to a To-Do, you only get the color- not the label for the tag in the To Do view. So, this is about as far as I got with this app. I’m not happy with all of the little “quirks” and weirdness of it. Deleted it.

What I do think


Well CB I haven’t started it yet I’m starting it today