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5/5 rating based on 786 reviews. Read all reviews for To do list & Planner for iPhone. To do list & Planner is free iOS app published by Any.DO inc.

Apps great, integrations not so much


I really like the app but got it largely cause it integrates with google assistant. Unfortunately, frequently have issues with google not able to save to my to-do list.

AnyDo vs Alexa


Somebody updated something and AnyDo and Alexa no longer play nice. Apparently fingers are being pointed, but in the meantime, the list app is useless.


The coolest one of all

App keeps freezing and no longer works with Alexa

This app is exactly what I need


This app is exactly what I need

They are about the MONEY, not their product or helping you.

Disappointed Fox Business Fan

I decided to uninstall long ago. Just saw a renewal charge for ~$18 on my credit card. Tried to delete the account: requires you delete the premium sub first. But, couldn’t find how to do that. Searched their help. A multi step process ensued. Still couldn’t delete premium. Wrote the following to their “help” center: “ Change your name to "Hotel California"...."You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave." Can't find how to cancel the premium sub. It is STUPID to require cancelling the sub!!! I'm sure you tech geniuses can call a sub routine to do that when I delete the account. How much revenue is gained by this obfuscation? (ALL approved in TOS and your STINKING lawyers, I'm sure!) I don't work for you, so I'm just going to dispute the change I currently see pending on my credit card ASAP as that is easier than jumping through all your hidden hoops! FIX THIS!!! It SCREAMS that you do NOT have faith in your own product!!! Holding onto MY money like Gollum onto "My Precious". Pathetic and a VERY poor look. I'm going to rate you accordingly in the Apple Store, too! HEY!! Have a GREAT day!!” Their system acknowledged receipt of my missive with “We received your request! Our standard reply time is 1-2 business days for Premium users and 4 business days for free users. …” Funny…the TOS says they’ll grant refunds only for 48 hours after the charge. What STRANGE timing! Be CERTAIN you want their service, cuz getting YOUR money back is a project all its own!! If they worked in the product as hard as they work on keeping your money……

Disappointed with premium


I was excited to use this app - all my reminders, calendars and lists in one place. But beyond the basics it is confusing to use. And now it won’t sync with Alexa which is a huge reason I got and paid for a year. Waste of money.

No longer syncs


Stopped syncing with Alexa. Latest update didn’t fix it.



I love it, very helpful in staying on top of my game !! And to keep me organized.

Doesn’t sync with Amazon Alexa anymore


Doesn’t sync with Amazon Alexa anymore, which is the main/only reasons in use it.

Love this! But a few weird bugs


I really love this as a replacement for my physical planner! And it has a great widget! Plus it’s even easier since it just auto-integrates my calendar and reminders! However…. Once in a while it duplicates all my repeated reminders. And not just making two but making 5-10 each day! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’ll have a reminder that I’ve had on my phone for a reasonable amount of time, unchanged, and has been populating in just fine. Until all of a sudden I go to check something off and I see my reminder to pay my mortgage is popping up as 8 reminders for one day. Or “take medication” populates 4 times! I have no idea how or why but it makes the interface look crowded and clunky. The only fix I’ve found is deleting the reminder on my reminder app, restarting my phone, making sure all occurrences are checked off, and re-adding the reminder. I’d really love to see this bug fixed because otherwise it’s an amazing app! But I’ve fixed it twice already in only one week which is a seriously irritating waste of time.