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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

Finger settings


Finger settings are missing in version 4.8 on iPad 4th generation 12.9 with Apple Pencil 2nd generation. Turning finger settings to gestures only is extremely important and necessary to reduce the chances of errors / unintended brush strokes. Seems like a bug on the new iPad Pro....;

Loves it


Love it ? this app is great UwU ?? you could add some other brushes tho

I LOVE IT but just a few things


Personally I love this app I’ve been using this for years but one problem never brought to light was that some times when you hold the screen to fill in the color sometimes there’s a unwanted super thin like between the line work and the color. It really ruins the art.



Without independent svg export Draw is just a limited app.



Can we import drawings and do the live trace? Thanks :)


?game nerd

This is great for most things except I would love a blur/blend tool and like cutting things out to resize and rotate because sometimes I do something great but I want it tilted a bit and don’t want to mess up and redraw it also a slow “screen record” type feature would be nice so they can see what I see

App FORCES you to sign up


I had this app for awhile, never had to sign up. Now it’s forcing me to sign up!?!? I don’t want to sign up, I just want to open my app and draw. One star for sure, gonna try and find a different drawing app for my phone.

Absolute garbage and completely unusable


I would give this app a rating in the negatives if I could. It was unbearably slow and the controls were counter intuitive. The fill bucket tool barely worked, the brushes were always too large regardless of how much I shrank them and had to be completely altered to work acceptably. The layout was inconvenient. If I was trying to draw anything, and was zoomed in, the app had to load so I could move my picture to the next section. I’ve never had this problem with an app. I followed their tutorials but all it did was glitch and lag. I wanted to smack my head against the wall out of frustration because of how unusable it was. Procreate is better by leaps and bounds, but I was trying to find an app to make vectors with. Extremely disappointed. Save yourself the misery and skip this piece of garbage. I can’t wait to delete this awful app.

blend took


please please add a blend tool :) would make the app 10x better

Great Program!


This is a great alternative to the Adobe programs (illustrator, etc) for the iPad, which I tend to use a lot. I can create very clear, crisp vector images. I’m still figuring out some of the features but it’s pretty user friendly and I’ve enjoyed it a lot along with Adobe Sketch so I will probably be adding Adobe Fresco to my iPad as well.