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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

I like it there is just one problem


This app is amazing and I love it but the main problem is that when I downloaded it on my new phone all of my work was deleted and now I will probably have to start over on my almost finished and favorite work but the rest of this app is perfect and I love that it’s free

Good but...

animal zaw

This app was great even phenomenal, but slowly it kept asking me to delete my projects. Soon it got VERY glitchy. I recommend but don’t go overboard.

Great app but

anne lory

I really love this app but a blending tool would be nice.

Has many issues.


In the beginning, it used to be good and quite easy to draw. It’s various markers and features enabled to draw easily. However, quite recently, it started to freeze quite often. Even if I zoom a little, it would freeze for approximately a minute and a half, and then just as it stopped freezing, it would freeze again. This made it impossible to draw and quite agitating as well. On a drawing which would usually take an hour to complete, I took two hours, because of the glitches and freezing, and as I went to erase the mistakes, it froze again, and erased almost half the drawing. And another issue was that if I left the app, even to reply to a message or simply because I wanted to do something else, it would immediately exit the drawing and I would not be able to undo anything, or make any changes to the previous version of the drawing. I used to love this app, but now I’m starting to loathe it and will learn how to use a different app, if these issues are not fixed. Do not waste your time on this app, because it is just a dead end.

Great app


Great app

hours of work disappeared


Had this app for over a year, everything was fine and worked perfectly. I haven’t used it in a few months but recently logged back on and now all of my work is gone. I have read that they recently require you to log into an account and by doing that a lot of work has disappeared even when saved. If you’re going to use this app be careful with your work.



Glad I found this app

It’s helped me a lot??


I really works! I love it

BBC Vic cc’d BBC x


Hogg Hu bcc

Transfer to Illustrator issues


Love the app when using it / hate it when tryin’ to access the Adobe Draw art in other programs. Does not export vector well. The app does not always transfer files to Illustrator. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn’t. Adobe support team seems to run ya in circles trying to fix it. App needs to be able to export into a vector file such as .ai, eps, or svg. Or Illustrator needs to be able to access and open Adobe Draw files. I’m a bigger than average fan of Adobe. Not a fan of Adobe Draw.