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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

Almost there


The eraser leaves marks ? really thought I was getting the hang of this, it’s hard without a stylus but possible. The eraser thing really breaks it for me.

Why did picture background stop working¿


See title....what’s up


I like to write reviews!?

This is right off the bat THE BEST APP EVER! Because it is sooooo easy to use. I am not a pro however I do enjoy drawing and painting. I was very happy to find out that this app is FREE! NO hidden fees! I highly recommend this app. Little note/tip: I recommend you use a stylus or finger whatever works for you but I chose a stylus because I always wear coffin nails. TO the creators: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS APP!!!!!!!!! NEVER CHANGE IT PLEASE!!!!!

The update screw me

Willy M.D

What happen!!! The app was working fine now that I try to add a picture layer it’s not allowing me to import my image please fix ASAP the new update screw me up

Keeps crashing


Love this app but it keeps crashing on me which is really annoying.

Amazing App with small hiccups.


I’m a beginner to vector tablet drawing, but quickly learned with this great interface. Props to adobe for making such a sleek and user friendly app for artists and noobs alike. I rated the app only 4 stars because of one pesky glitch that seems to keep cropping up. Occasionally when I’m zoomed in on a segment of my canvas, and am erasing with the eraser tool, the app will become slow or lag or freeze up or just not register my erasing gestures. Backing out to the main page doesn’t fix it either. The only thing that fixes the issue is selecting one or two different tools and either/or drawing and zooming out before returning to erase. It’s a small complaint for an otherwise brilliant app. I hope adobe keeps supporting this free app as it really is a fun and impressive tool.

Great app but to work with but you have to live through the freezes and tweaks


Works smoothly for a period then randomly tweaks till you uninstall and reinstall over and over again till it gets back to the groove. Poor help service for the tweaks the solutions are generic and it seems to be a problem with the sync that adobe won’t fix for some reason. If you can live through that then you’re good

No blending?


Love the simplicity of drawing flowers. Its limits require that you stay simple with your strokes.

Cool but sad

mr. ool

I liked it but i have to sign up for free and i don’t want to do that it looked fun and i wanted it but i could not

Easy to use


Great app to play around with. So many possibilities to make great art with this.