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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

No lasso tool


This is more fun and dead easy to use than it’s brother Fresco, shame it didn’t have the ability select the area of the drawing you want to transform and resize, guess the developer wanted us to download both Fresco and this


mirphy dog 15

This is an amazing app there are so many possibilities and no matter if you are starting out drawing or you are great at it the only flaw is that it will not let you match colors but personally I don’t mind

I love it


Its really useful and simple

Folders to organize projects please!!


This app is great! I just wish it had the ability to organize projects into different folders. I use this app a lot for work and personal projects, so it would be great to organize multiple sheets into folders rather than scrolling through tens of hundreds of project pages on the main screen. Also an eye dropper tool for colors! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked a color for a brush, forgotten to save it to my library, switch brushes, then turns out I need the same color again later. These few upgrades and it would be nearly flawless!

Fix the app

Party Kai

I already wrote a review and then the app actually does not even work anymore because how bad it freezes so I’m giving it 1 star because of the frustration it’s caused me. Please fix this

New user

echo vision

Very nice and easy to nevigate

This is a great app


I really love all the types and stuff you can use. But I would really want it on Samsung tablet. But overall this app is great!

Decrease and expand


I can’t decrease and expand my drawings.

Don’t download


This app randomly deleted all of my projects that I had done on here and I can’t get them back.

Not letting me picking my image layer


Yeah it just happened today when I was doing a vector art mixing with a image I want but it prevents me from picking a image file. When I open an image, it kicks me out from its library.