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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

Something is wrong...


I had this app for like two years already and it was working fine... it was pretty easy and fun. I had stopped using the app for awhile. It had logged me out so i tried logging back in and it didn’t work. So i tried to create another account and for some reason that didn’t work either. Now all the work and projects I did are gone and I can’t even use the app anymore. Please fix this.



I cant Insert images, it duplicated a project on its own i need help i tried restarting my phone and removing other projects nothing is working

it is fine

goddy two shoes

not what I dreamed of, but it’s alright. try it. it wont be to much of a time waster.

please keep it going!


Intuitive to use - great for all the quick sketches. Wish Adobe would keep maintaining it

did the max brush size get smaller ?


great app!!! ive made some sick pieces w this. but i went to work on one of my older pieces and i cant get the brush as big? frustrating bcz now i cant finish the piece. i mean could ,but it’d look funky. is there a reason behind this? can i or someone change it back plzzz

Amazing !!!


Please - never get rid of Adobe Draw I got a really good iPad this year - the iPad Pro and just did some amazing work today - just . messing . around App needs obvious further features - like a color wheel etc Still ... I might have to toss my trad dip pen/calligraphy pen ?

It good


Idk i use it when I’m bored

Really great but . . .


This app is really awesome for digital sketches, but I have also noticed that it tends to freeze and delay a lot. With some of my projects, it will not do this, but with others it will freeze as I am coloring or zooming out/in. I am not sure if it is the type of project I am doing or if it’s something else, but I don’t believe it is the type of project because I have done projects like this before and it never did this. It could be the latest iPad update that I have. I would love for this to get fixed soon. If it could, this would be a five star rating. I love the app, but I can’t use it for a moment until I figure out the issue.

Great but...


This is a great game but please put it yo where we can yake our discover or else PLZ tell me how to yake it off. Im 11 and my mom got this game for me but then i realized “how are we gonna take off discover?” Plz if you know how tell me how to take it off. I want to send out pics and look at others but I don’t want ppl to judge me and put bad comments... also make it 13+ by some of the pics can be bad.