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WSH LST - The missing wish list manager.
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You can now get back the missing functionality and then some!

After enabling the WSH LST extension, you can add apps you love to buy at a later time by just using the same button as before and have this list sync across your different iOS devices!

But the features don't stop there!

You can use the WSH LST app to search through your wish list, sort it by date, title and price and also see the price changes!


Well built app

This is a very good looking app, although I would love if you could add a one time purchase, it would really help.

I want a refund.

Contacted apple regarding the refund and I was told to ask you about it. 5.99$ went without my permission!

Cannot link iCloud account

It might be due to iOS 13, but in my settings it says that iCloud is linked to the app, but the app doesn’t recognize it. I’ve tried reinstalling and toggling iCloud access and nothing works.

Add Folders
Chicago Beers

The app works well enough and is simple to use. However, it would be nice if it incorporated the ability to tag sort and sort items in the list. Adding an item to a folder and sorting them either alphabetically or by item count would prove extremely useful.

UPDATE: Getting the message App is not available again
Right Away?

UPDATE: I no longer can see any of my added apps on the WSH app. Please help in getting my apps back! This is urgent! 7:11:19 Update. Getting the app not found message again! Please provide update. PLEASE FIX ASAP! Thank you! Previously: I use this app daily and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to keep track of apps they want to install or track for future purchases. I install and uninstall apps for various reasons regularly and this app helps me keep track of what I’m doing. What I would like is the ability to do an in depth search on apps that this application is keeping track of; e.g the name of the actual app or search for GPS which will return all apps related specifically to GPS. Lastly, I would love for this app to show me the total number of apps I’ve placed in it. Aside from that, this app is pretty solid and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to keep a tally on apps this application is aware of.




So... I got this app before I got a new device and no, its not what you're thinking, it didnt get erased, well it did but we'll get to that later, this app is great, but once I got to like, 20 or 10 apps they went away, poof, Gone. Other than that, the app is great.

add Price Drops for apps

Having notifications for apps dropping in price is the most important feature this app needs to have, thanks

Not working anymore

The app is amazing, or at least was, now every time I try to add a new app it just throws an error saying that “The app is not available”... Please fix this, this app is amazing really recommended (if you don’t this error of course) also, a cool feature to have would be to be notified on price changes

Cannot Use this App Without ICloud
Joshua D.

This seemed to be a great fix to Apple's dumb decision to remove the Wish List function from the App Store in iOS 11. But, this app requires you to use Apple's iCloud to do anything with this program. Which, I assume is so that you can sync a wishlist with this app across multiple devices. But, not everyone wants to or feels comfortable using Apple's cloud storage. Not to mention that they give you very little free space and seem to charge more than competitors for additional space per month. I'll just use the myriad ornery cloud storage options out there that I already have and pay for some of them. Still, this app was free, which, thanks for that. And I haven't really lost anything in download this app besides my time in finding out I cannot use this app at all without having iCloud turned on. I'll just go to a competitors App Store wish list application, that doesn't require iCloud. But as a warning to other customers - you cannot use this app without iCloud as I've mentioned. A shame, though, this seemed like a decent app if it wasn't for that mandatory requirement.

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