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Viridi is free iOS app published by Badru LLC

Very Relaxing!

By: xXx Ghost-Rider xXx

Don't listen to all those one-star reviews, Viridi is truly a great game! I love the graphics, the music, and how you get a free seedling every week! There's also a very pretty variety of different succulents you can obtain too! I let out a little chuckle when I tapped on the snail, hit the spray button, and the text at the bottom that normally says "Wow Cute" described the snail being wet Lol. I also like how the succulents actually grow in real time too! And besides, even if you don't like the game, it's free, so you don't waste any money on it. I even showed this game to my mom and she then proceeded to download it as well, and now once in a while we'll show each other our succulents if we want to! Plus, I grow succulents irl too, so that kinda boosts my appreciation for this game! Overall, it's a wonderful and relaxing game, and I recommend it to anyone who needs some relaxation, and/or wants to take care of some plants. Edit: Please fix the bug where you lose progress in the game if you do certain things, such as the time I had beautiful vibrant flowers on all my succulents, but when I returned to the app after a split second, they were gone! This has also happened when I was getting my weekly seedling: I went to try to plant the seedling, and I couldn't put it anywhere, so I had to make room; but when I exited out of the seedling planting interface, most of my flowers were completely missing! Please fix this!!!

Relaxing fun I depend on


I have been enjoying this app since it first came to Steam and was extremely pleased to find that I could use it on iOS when I switched mobile platforms. It’s been amazing for calming my anxiety. I have a few suggestions for your consideration: •make the bgm sensitive to other music generating apps, not just the silence toggle and volume rocker •provide opportunities to earn new bowls and plants by watching ads or completing actions; not everyone can afford the $4.99 to unlock more space •add more bgm; it gets boring hearing that same song and I’d love to have an option to set something else or just even have a few soothing sounds it cycles through instead of always hearing the same one every time I log in to spritz my plants I don’t think it needs much improvement but these would really enhance the experience imo



It's very soothing and pretty, I just wish the pot in the apartment weren't floating in the air. Is there a way for the dev to make it on the table or something? It's just weird.

Relaxing and refreshing app


While looking for a new relaxation app, I came across Viridi. Being a gardener in real life, I have a fondness for plants and watching them grow. Viridi allows me to have a portable garden wherever I go. The plants are all nicely colored and I appreciate the botanical names with them. The choice of pots and the three different backgrounds are nice for customizing. The music is soothing. And in an age of lootboxes and dlc, I truly appreciate that Viridi doesn’t push microtransactions on its players. Yes the additional two pots and any extra seedlings you may want do cost money, but the prices are fair. The game makes sure you have plenty of seedlings in your starter pack so your pot looks full even without additional purchases. Overall a breath of fresh air for those in need of a nature break.



Love the game, very relaxing but if you wanna have more plants etc u gotta pay real money

I love this simulation. It’s just so cute (especially the little snail)


So the graphics are just amazing and the game is so fun. Thanks for making this simulation.

Too many in-app purchases!


I really love this app and I find it very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes plants or just wants a cool app; however, I find it somewhat annoying that you have to buy almost every single item in the app. Although you have to pay for other items in the app, I still like all the plant options and I love this app.

False Advertising

I never do reviews but....

Don’t say we get free seedlings once a week if that’s not true. I hear it works for some people though and if that’s the case then fix it so that it’s that way for everyone. Other than that it’s a relaxing app

Big 5 Stars!


This is the most precious game I have ever played. The graphics are very nice and I personally think it's just so endearing that you can sing to the plants and even the snail! It's also very cute that the developer took time to add minute details as well, like you can spray some water on the snail and it will become 'wet'. So cute! I love this game so much, thank you for making this!

super cute!

exo did that

I love this app so much and I recommend fo anyone who use wants to take care of a plant! Although I love the app, I hope you could somehow save your process. For example, if I got a new phone, I could log into an account (e.g. facebook) and my plant would still be there.