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Viridi is free iOS app published by Badru LLC

Beautiful and calming


This game was so beautiful! After long days, I could sit down and water all of my plants. Every part of the graphics was beautifully rendered and well done. 5 stars!

#1 game


Let me begin by saying, I play on apps quite a bit and I have never before written a review. I feel very strongly about my succulent garden, this game is really somethin’. It teaches succulent species names, patience, appreciation for beauty, and so much more. I haven’t spent any cash money on it, the different pots and weekly free seedlings are enough for me :) I highly recommend a download, I think this app is really a gem in the web.

Sing to the snail


You can sing to your plants! Or to the snail! How cute!! Zoom in and just wait.



There’s suppose to be free weekly seeds, but to date I’ve only gotten one free seed. I don’t know where they go but it’s not to me.

Best app I have ever downloaded in my life.


GET THIS APP. NOW. YOU NEED IT, SERIOUSLY. Literally the BEST app I have ever downloaded in my life. So fun. So incredibly relaxing. Low maintenance. Peaceful. Keeps me excited with my weekly seedling. THE ONLY APP I HAVE EVER CONSIDERED MAKING IN-APP PURCHASES IN. That's how fun and incredible it is. So adorable. No matter what kind of person you are, please just try this app. No ads, just pure joy.

Beautiful and perfect


Relaxing music, a perfect art style, I love this game 10x over.

Very cute, BUT

Cena H.

The game is so adorable and relaxing, and I love that there aren’t any ads. BUT, it keeps backtracking my progress. I check on them about twice a day and do everything I need to but then suddenly they’re back to where they were a week or two ago. I love the game but I will admit that’s frustrating

No more free seedlings... becomes stagnant

Unicorn 421

I have been playing this game for several months now and have a beautiful pot growing, however the last month or so I have not received any free seedlings. I have rearranged to make more space and have even discarded some of my plants to make room for others in case that was the problem. Unfortunately that did not fix the issue and that’s why I am rating two stars. What’s the point of playing a game when you have no new options?? It has become very stagnant!

Love the concept...


But it's very confusing with no guidelines.

I love it, but I’d like to name my plants


I love watching my plants grow, it’s a very nice and calming game. May I suggest and update with the ability to name each plant in your pot? I’d love to name the little guys. Where it says what plant type it is there could be a line with the name of it Thank you! :)