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Viridi is free iOS app published by Badru LLC

good but...


i truly wish that you could move the plants around and put them in an inventory so they could switch places i wish there was more room for my little plants



I love this game! It’s a very good game for taking your mind off the troubles of busy life and just relaxing with your little plants. Something I do wish was available was a sort of weeding mode, where you can pluck the weeds without selecting the plants. That makes it hard to maneuver around the pot. All in all, it’s an amazing game

Love at first bud

Cinnamon Zen

I was recommended this app by an acquaintance after a really rough time in my life and I can safely say that the calming music and atmosphere and very act of growing and mildly caring for virtual succulents helped keep me calm in otherwise heavily anxiety-riddled days. It still does. The only thing is, I wish we could have more pots! Or a “retirement” greenhouse (instead of a nursery) where we can put plants when we want to make room for new ones to grow (I haven’t uprooted any plants, actually. Can’t bring myself to do it). That, and the rest of the little plant blurbs in the seed selector! I just discovered those today and I would love to see them finished.

So Much Fun!


I have played this game for a long time, and I think I may have become emotionally attached to my succulents... It a great game if you can’t have your own plants or don’t want the stress!



As a high school student I’m often really stressed by the amount of work I have. This game is a really awesome way to reduce stress and just relax. It’s rewarding to take care of your plants (and snail). From a visual standpoint it’s gorgeous, it’s so nice to look at. I really really enjoy it and I like how it doesn’t shove in-app purchases down your throat.

i loved it a lot, now there are bats and i love it so much more


i liked this app for giving me an extra place to go when i'm anxious, and it's been super pleasant altogether, but today there were bats and it made me finally write a review. the app is easy to use, very calm colors and nice music (that will play under other sounds, i believe. i've been listening to podcasts with it open and it just adds nice background music). i love the snail that circles the pot, and i love the descriptions that come with seedlings. the modeling is simple but definitely not underdetailed, and i love the way your plants develop. sometimes there are leaves falling in the small space of the world your plants occupy, sometimes the colors change. but today there were bats flying around my plant and it completely made my day. there are tiny bats in my little calm world. i love it. edit: my plants are gone ! i suddenly have the same pot style but all of my grown up plants are replaced with random types of seedlings. i was trying to find a way to start a new or additional pot, regardless, but just that it wasn't my choice, just a bug, makes me sad. additionally, i would like some more explanation for the menu controls, since i have no idea what half the buttons do. either way, i still love the app, it just needs some bugs worked out !!