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Viridi is free iOS app published by Badru LLC

Beautiful app, but a few suggestions


This app is very calming and the graphics are super nice. I've had it for a year and really enjoy tending to my plants. However, I think the app would be better if you could have multiple pots growing at once. I've collected many daily free plants, but ran out of space a long time ago and don't really want to change my setup. Even if another pot was an in-app purchase, I think I would pay for it. I also think it would be better if plants died just a ~bit~ more easily (I don't know if they can even die at all)! I've probably gone weeks without opening it and never lost a plant. This would give me more of a reason to keep checking back as well as a reason to use my stored plants, if I had no choice but to remove a dead one and replant something new! Overall, I'm glad to have this app and I certainly enjoy it.



This app is AMAZING!!! The music is so wonderful and calming. The graphics are beautiful. I love how simple this game is. I also like that I can read little facts about my plants!!! I love how I can name the plants AND the snail. It's fantastic 45/10 amazing

Oh my gracionies

Eli the Elephant

I never knew I could feel emotional after overwatering a plant named "Fred". I give you five stars just for that, nothing else. Update (Pt. 1) (I'll update this review as I see fit) One thing I really wish was in the game is little mini games that you can play to earn in game currency. With that currency, you can buy new plants or another pot (or to upgrade your current pot). Mandy you can have packages with different pots and plants you have to pay for with real money, or packages where you buy a certain amount of coins so you guys are still getting money. I just thought it was a good idea, but I dunno.

Where's my free seedling?


My oldest kid introduced me to this game, and I love it, but my other child killed one of the plants by overwatering it. No biggie, you can replace it with your free seedling from this week my oldest tells me. So we remove the dead plant, and tap on the button to replace the seedling. It says we don't have any seedlings to replace it with, and asks us to check the nursery. How do I get my free seedling? Other than that, Great game, great graphics, super fun.

It reset on me


So I've had this game for about 2 months. Its been fun growing my plants, but today I got on and my plants reset like 10 stages back. They don't have flowers anymore. Im so sad and don't know why this happened. Also I wish there was a restore button. I would be willing to buy extra things but since there is no restore option id be afraid to spend money just to loose it all.

Fun, but with a sad glitch


My plants always seem to rewind after reaching a certain point in their growth. This has happened twice now, and it's very upsetting to see that progress melt away every time you open the app. ://

Love it so much!!!!??????

Ocean Breeze Pot #777

I love this app soooo much! It's calming, easy, and fun! I'm an eleven year old girl and I just love this cute game! I realize you guys have to make in app purchases in this game because it's free and has no ads (thx for that, btw) but it is worth it, and I implore anyone who is smart enough to read the comments to get this fun game!

So relaxing and nice

Tongi gong tongi

This app is incredibly calming and quickly becomes one of your favorites, love it from the bottom of my heart

Good app, but...


I was enjoying this app. It was peaceful and relaxing. I had only had it for a few days until my pot and all my plants changed! I lost the garden I had worked on, and I hadn't tried to.



Me and my friend are addicted. Great game please make more ♥️♥️