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Viridi is free iOS app published by Badru LLC

Dear fiendish


I think this isn't a glitch one time while I was checking on my plants I saw my aloes flower had shrunk it was withering but just the flower was effected so I believe that the developers intended to make that happen

Great, but needs more


There should be a option to have multiple pots, take cuttings from the plant and place it somewhere else, and be able to propagate leafs.

Pot reset

imply oh

The same bug is here after 8 months! My pot completely reset, I even had to rename it and choose a new pot! This is an unacceptable glitch for a game that offers in-app purchases.



Plants stopped growing, the gaps between the plants are huge and ugly, the price for seedlings is absolutely too much for a bunch of digital pixels that stop growing after 10 days. Snail was cute - I preferred the snail to any of the actual gameplay.

Lovely, great for bedtime


I got this app on my phone a couple weeks ago. It took me some trial and error to figure everything out because there aren't any labels or tutorial. Some kind of explanation of all the buttons would be nice. But once I got the hang of it and my plants started to grow, I fell in love with the app. Now I have to open it before bed and sing to my plants. I love how you can set the pot gently spinning and it moves up and down like breath while it's singing. I do wish you could adjust the breathing rate because my breathing rate is slower than the app and so I can't relax as much as I'd like to because I'm trying to breathe faster. If we could adjust that, this app would be pretty close to perfect. I have to make sure I've played all my other games and done everything I want to get done before I open my pot of succulents, because afterward I'm ready for sleep and don't want to experience the overstimulation of any other apps. It's so wonderful to relax my mind at the end of the day. Thank you so much to the developers.

Background Music


I am still new with this app, so haven't explored all the features yet. However, the background music is perfect for playing softly at night. I haven't slept or dreamt this deep consistently for decades!

this game is relaxing


music is on point, colors are soothing, AND WHO DOESN'T LOVE SUCCULENTS!!! I'm going to soend so much on this over time to support you guys! <3

A Delight


A wonderful zen touchstone of calming bliss.



This is one of the few games I actually want to write a review about. I use viridi purely for relaxation purpose because I recently got diagnosed with anxiety. I was first frustrated by how slowly the plants grow, but this game teaches you how to be patient: stop watering too much, stop hoping to see some growth every time I check this app, etc. I recommend this game for anyone who's tired of the fast-food culture of game apps!



Horrible touch controls.