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Terraria World Map is free iOS app published by 505 Games (US), Inc.

Limited Platforms


I need this to be available on iPad, and phone but this is only for PS4 and Xbox :C

Hear me out.


This isn't the actual game it's a map viewer which means you can look at your phone or iPad to see the map while you on Xbox one or PS4,so stop getting mad about it not being the actual game for your phone or whatever that's stupid and you're stupid if you thought this was the actual game.

This is about terraria

Piggy love gamer

I writhing this on this app beacuse it won't let me in terraria but this is horrible when I defeated the wall of flesh the hallow and corruption started spreading more quickly than it did with my brother and he plays on iOS to this is a problem and it is about to spread to my town and I have a huge mansion it took me a year too make and now I really only play terraria if I'm going to use powder on the worlds!can you please make the worlds not spread I'm sure this is a problem for many other people but please please please make the worlds not spread in a update.Im probably going to stop playing terraria because of the problem otherwise it's my favorite game on the planet and I hate when people say Minecraft vs terraria but please this is the best game ever

Previous systems


Nothing against it i havent even been able to try it can we get this to work for the previous consoles too? Like xbox360 and ps3?


Jane wojiechowski

So many little 5-year olds don't understand that this app isn't the game and it's a map for consoles, go back to kindergarten.



1 star ratings are from idiots that think that think this is the real game xD



It is awful and that is all I have to say for it



Ha! The only thing this application is missing, is a small mini-guide for users to easily access certain recipes or boss information. Other than that, this is perfected! It has helped me easily get back to placed without atopping and risk getting slaughtered by a hostile NPC. So I thank you creators of this app, not just the company, but all who work there and used to work there.? Geniuses!

Doesn't work properly

Stormy The Hunter

It connects to my Xbox fine, but the map closes/disconnects every 10 seconds exactly.

Good idea but I can’t use it


I can’t use this on my 360 but an angry commenter told me to give it five stars so there ya go