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3/5 rating based on 77 reviews. Read all reviews for Terraria World Map for iPhone.
Terraria World Map is free iOS app published by 505 Games (US), Inc.

Zoom out on map

Awful lagging

To see the map, you have to pinch IN when you join a world! Now you know.

Stop one-staring this - to all the five-year-olds


Works great and is very useful for anyone who owns a GOOD console and not outdated trash that requires an adapter to connect to wifi. Some people are being idiots and assuming this is the ACTUALLY mobile version of Terraria. Others are dumb enough to want this to work for the mobile game! Even if there wasn't a map for the mobile version of the game already - which there IS - boomed going to leave the game to view a map of it... Also, apps on Apple can't view local cache data of other apps, so Terraria would have to add accounts to the game and make it online-only for this to work with mobile...

Doesn't work on Xbox One

Mr App Store person

I haven't been able to get it to work since I got it an hour ago. I've tried resetting my Xbox One, resetting my phone, resetting my router, changing worlds and not moving while it's "Downloading world". It would help EXPONENTIALLY if it was fixed and optimized for the Xbox One LIKE IT'S ADVERTISED. I'm contemplating emailing the app devs.

Very Good

Dickson of Butholes

I have the game on Xbox 360 but if I had a Xbox 1 and had the game it would probably be a great to download to help Terraria players in their own world without looking at the map

Xbox one part isn't working


I will update the rating to 5 star if you guys get the Xbox one part working. It keeps getting stuck at "waiting for map"



Ok so I loaded up the app, selected Xbox one, put in my account stuff, select my xbox, and waited for it to load. It was going fine until it stopped on "waiting for map". It has stayed there for over 15 minutes. Please help me I really want to use it because it seems really really useful! Thanks for reading!

Hate this game


I don't have an Xbox 1 and why would I spend money on it? You need Xbox 1 account and I HATE IT!!!!!! Feeling: MAD?


Turtleman 123

Terraria yeah!!

Doesn't work for xbox one


Developers forgot to test with xbox one. App always crashes when connecting.

It's trash


It's rubbish I HATE it becuse I don't have a Xbox one or a ps I HATE IT