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3/5 rating based on 77 reviews. Read all reviews for Terraria World Map for iPhone.
Terraria World Map is free iOS app published by 505 Games (US), Inc.

Suckyest app ever


Why does this stupid app only let you use Xbox one and ps4 I wish I could give this app half a star instead



Hello. Do you think you could please put a Wii U option on??❤️❤️



So useless don't buy it's terrible won't work and needs a password and name Bad game don't buy again ????????????????


Creep are me

No lag no broilers except best thing ever works amazingly. ?????

Good but could be better

Hater poo

Great app it helped my little brother on his xbox one. But my little sister plays on my phone(she also plays terraria)and she wants maps like this one so please make a mobile mode so my little sister stops complaining. ? Sincerely, Jamie(I'm a guy)

Great and helpful map


Its the best map it helped me find titanium and chests and a lot more



I farted


Razor callahan #1

Great app but can't use. Why? Restrictions. It uses a website that needs safari. If it didn't need safari it would be a 5 star

It is Ok


It is a good app. It does have its downsides too though. I have an Xbox One but I play Terraria on my Xbox 360. I can't use the app because it isn't available for this console.

Terrible!!!Don't get tricked!

Rain far

I was gonna download this and play it but I can't!It's terrible!I was also just going to put in the info needed for PSN but I couldn't get it to work!I am not 5 but this is not gonna work with my IPad!If I have downloaded it on my IPad mini,then I would suspect to be able to play it on my IPad with out any trouble!But no!It doesn't work!!!