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3/5 rating based on 77 reviews. Read all reviews for Terraria World Map for iPhone.
Terraria World Map is free iOS app published by 505 Games (US), Inc.

Xbox1 compatibility

Fat ugly yoshi

Please fix the xbox ones compatibility


Ariana g. garza

It was cool it showed review And I have the game I know it's cool and you don't think it's cool shame on you

Stop giving it bad ratings.


This app is really good and useful for Terraria players. There are people stupid enough to think that this is the actual game and rate one star because they're disappointed that it isn't. There are also people who are disappointed because the app isn't made for their outdated consoles, there is a reason that the app isn't made for those consoles, so if it isn't for your console don't give it a bad rating! People need to start reading the description for once, this app serves it's purpose and I give it five stars. Thank you for this app, I had been waiting months for it!

Older Versions

Ebohn da Great

Just saying, if you have this available for PS3 please add the compatibility. Not complaining, I love your guys work, just a thought.

Sort of bad ??


I love terria i thought I can play it on my iPod not Xbox or ps4. I don't got those things. Instead I watch stampy play terria


Fan of minecraft.

I think it's the worst game ever I can't even play it So how are we going to stop giving it bad Rates!

505 READ:Actual Help for Xbox one


Now, I am going to write a useful comment, instead of saying the Xbox one isn't working, which it isn't. Say exactly what happens. When in the app, you log in fine, it's finds you Xbox, but when you press connect there is a spinning wheel, which stops spinning and freezes. Can you please fix this problem fast, because this is a great tool and I would like to use it, thank you.

Great app!


Works great. If only the little kids on here knew this isn't actually Terraria, and that it's a COMPANION APP! So many 1 stars for nothing. Want Terraria, buy it!



I think you make it to were you can play with other people

iT IS Bad


You need a Xbox or ps4 to use it it is a RIP OFF!